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Making it Possible - Support and Career Development at Ivey EMBA

Our commitment to your success begins the moment we meet - whether by phone, by email, or in person. Our team is available to support you throughout your Ivey journey, from the application process, during the program itself, and after graduation. We also provide guidance for your partner as they support you in your career development.

Enhance Your Career Development

Career development is one of the most common goals shared by EMBA participants. To this end, Ivey has developed a comprehensive program including workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching. These services are based on the four key principles of career development:

  1. Self-assessment to understand your unique value proposition and build your brand.
  2. Research and targeting to identify opportunities that match your ideal work preferences.
  3. Creating a career management strategy to market yourself internally and/or externally.
  4. Executing a realistic career plan based on networking and effective search techniques

Supportive Faculty

Our faculty members stay immersed in the business world through their own consulting, research, and personal business activities. Based on this real-world experience and knowledge, they'll facilitate your class discussions and ensure all angles of a business case are probed. Outside of class, they'll be available to coach you through challenges and provide additional support as you improve your leadership skills.

Involve Your Partner In A Meaningful Way

If you have a partner, they'll likely play a meaningful role in supporting you, which is why Ivey offers a special Partners' Orientation Program designed to connect your partner to your EMBA experience as soon as the program begins.

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