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The Executive MBA Experience

No one can speak to the Ivey Executive MBA experience better than Ivey program students and alumni. These student profiles and alumni stories provide a snapshot of the successful business executives who join the classroom each year, and how the Ivey experience changed their professional lives. With our world-class faculty leading the way, exceptional classmates like these will enhance your learning experience and fuel your drive toward success. You'll also stay connected to the Ivey alumni network long after graduation.

Alumni Testimonials

We asked Executive MBA alumni about their experience in the program, covering everything from work-life balance to the world-class faculty, and everything in between. Watch the videos to learn more.


Doug Pereira

Success Stories

Curious where Ivey’s Executive MBA alumni have landed and how the Executive MBA Program helped them get there? Read all about it in alumni Success Stories.

Read Alumni Success Stories

For the important people in your life

For many students, committing to an Executive MBA is a tremendous undertaking for themselves and their families and loved ones.

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On Demand Sessions

We invite you to view webinars that address frequently asked questions, the Ivey experience, and more.

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