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Family Life Balance

Doing your Executive MBA is no small undertaking; watch how alumni completed their MBA while balancing their family time and competing priorities.

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Susie Ho

Doing an Executive MBA during maternity leave

Read how Susie Ho, EMBA ’21 candidate, started the Executive MBA program shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Sophie. She writes about why she chose to pursue her MBA during maternity leave and how she made it work.

Fatherhood and the Executive MBA Program

Read how Shady Stasi, EMBA '21 candidate, balanced fatherhood, a pandemic, and the pressures of the Executive MBA Program. He could not have done it without the support of his very own superhero, his wife, Jen, a frontline health-care worker and his number one supporter.

Shady Stasi and family

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The Executive MBA Workload

Balancing the Executive MBA Program with existing commitments like work and family is no small undertaking, but possible with a little planning. Familiarize yourself with the workload ahead of time to make a plan that works for you and your family.

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