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Program Benefits

The benefits of the Ivey Executive MBA go far beyond individual career development and traditional measures of ROI. You're earning an Ivey MBA, which positions you to compete and succeed in your career.

An Ivey Executive MBA prepares you for the next stage of your career. It's a transformative experience that builds your analytic, decision-making, implementation, presentation skills, and so much more. You'll learn big-picture thinking that becomes integral to everything you do. Our graduates say they have increased self-confidence in all areas of business.

In the Ivey EMBA Program, you will:

Analyze the Environment

  • Recognize, influence and manage threats and opportunities presented by political, economic, societal, and technological forces.
  • Understand and develop mutually beneficial relationships between private and public sector organizations.

Formulate Winning Strategies

  • Work with your organization to establish vision, goals, and action plans.
  • Determine what can be accomplished with the resources at your disposal and the best way to do it, while always looking for ways to improve personal, team, and organizational capabilities.

Execute Strategies Brilliantly

  • Align systems, people, resources, processes and culture to achieve your goals.
  • Be a proactive change leader instead of reacting to crises.

Evaluate Strategies Systematically

  • Identify your key performance indicators and ensure they align with the overall good of the organization.
  • Maintain appropriate controls and governance processes.

Since its launch in 1991, the Ivey Executive MBA Program has welcomed 68 classes, with over 3,000 graduates.

As an Ivey EMBA graduate, you're connected to Ivey throughout your professional career and you'll have lifelong access to one of the most prestigious alumni networks in Canada and the world. Ivey grads know that you chose Ivey because you value what makes it different from a traditional business school. That shared connection says a lot about you and the network you will join.

Benefits of an MBA

The Ivey Executive MBA delivers substantial benefits to your organization as soon as the program starts. You'll gain new perspectives and insight that are immediately applicable, all without interruption to your career. You'll come back from each class with skills and perspectives you can put to work right away.

Most companies discover that the more they support their people through the Ivey Executive MBA program, the greater the results, including:

  • Relevant experience
  • Stronger leadership and problem solving skills
  • More confidence
  • Renewed commitment
  • Exposure to best practices from other companies, cultures and industries

Participants often report their ability to apply what they learned in class on the job in as soon as one week. And, through participation in course projects and the Discovery Expedition, companies can support their employees and gain valuable new solutions and opportunities at the same time.

Enhance Your Career Development

Career development is one of the most common goals shared by EMBA participants. To this end, Ivey has developed a comprehensive program including workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching. These services are based on the four key principles of career development:

  1. Self-assessment to understand your unique value proposition and build your brand.
  2. Research and targeting to identify opportunities that match your ideal work preferences.
  3. Creating a career management strategy to market yourself internally and/or externally.
  4. Executing a realistic career plan based on networking and effective search techniques

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