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Admission Requirements

Our assessment is based on four factors:

Work experience

Evidence of maturity, interpersonal and leadership skills, innovation, energy and commitment. It is encouraged that applicants have a minimum of eight years of full-time work.

Academic experience

An undergraduate degree is helpful but not necessary - particularly if you have extensive leadership experience.


Two references from individuals who can verify your work experience and have observed your abilities and character. In addition, it is important that your organization understands the time commitment of the program and provides you with release time from work for class modules.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

For many candidates, exemptions are granted based on prior academic work in combination with work experience.

Each of these factors is important, but none is considered in isolation. We look carefully at the full application. We understand this is an individualized process – that’s why we deal directly with you. We are committed to working with you to make the application process as convenient as possible.

At Ivey, we will not hold up your application while we wait for other candidates. Once you submit your formal program application, it is reviewed by the Ivey Executive MBA Admissions Committee to determine if your skills and credentials are a good fit for the program and contribute to the learning of your peers. We make admission decisions on an ongoing basis, and we continue to consider participants until classes are full.

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