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Ivey Executive MBA Program Impact

You want more than leadership development. You want career transformation with benefits beyond traditional measures of ROI. With an Ivey Executive MBA, you're positioned to compete and succeed beyond expectations, both in your current position and your professional future.

"Within three months of starting my EMBA, at my next board meeting, my CEO said, ‘Wow, you were different in there today’." [expand quote]

Candace Chartier, EMBA '12

Candace Chartier, Ivey EMBA '12

Benefits Beyond Leadership Development

Program -impact -02In addition to advanced leadership skills, you'll gain knowledge in all functional areas of business, including accounting, marketing and more. With our Cross-Enterprise Leadership and Case-Method approach, you'll learn practical, real-world business skills from a variety of perspectives; skills you can apply immediately at your organization, and carry with you as you reach new levels of success.

Making It Possible

Program -impact -03Whatever may be holding you back from enjoying all the benefits an MBA can offer, the Ivey team is here to help you make the right decision. Our commitment to your success begins the moment we meet, whether by phone, email or in person at an Ivey Information Session. We offer personalized support from the application process to graduation.

Participant Stories

Program -impact -04There's no better motivation than hearing about the experiences of other professionals like you, striving to reach new heights in their careers through the Ivey EMBA Program. These are your classmates.