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Loans, Sponsorships, and Bursaries

Loans, Sponsorships, and Bursaries

Corporate Sponsorship

Your employer may recognize that sponsoring your tuition is an excellent investment in the strength of their organization. They may also be eligible to claim your tuition as a tax deduction. To learn more, contact Canada Revenue Agency.

If you require assistance demonstrating the value of sponsoring your tuition, we would be pleased to provide a business case template as a starting point to help you communicate the benefits to your employer. Please contact our office for guidance and support in presenting your case for sponsorship.

Financing Options

There are applicants that, for a variety of reasons, choose to pay for the program personally, either partial or in full. In these cases, we strongly recommend that you explore your options with a financial planner.

Tuition Tax Credit

Ivey Executive MBA students who pay a portion or all of the program fees are eligible to claim a tax credit on the tuition component of their program fees. The tax savings is dependent on your personal income situation and we advise that you consult a financial advisor on the amount of savings in your particular case.

RRSP Life-Long Learning Program

You and your spouse may be eligible to make tax-free withdrawals from your RRSPs of up to $10,000 each to assist in financing the Ivey Executive MBA Program. You have to repay these withdrawals to your RRSPs over a period of no more than 10 years. To learn more about the Life-Long Learning program, click here. 

Travel and Accommodation Bursary Program

If your participation in the Ivey Executive MBA Program requires incurring major travel or accommodation costs, you may be eligible for subsidies.

  • Students travelling from >100km from the GTA are eligible for accommodation reimbursement.
  • Students travelling from >400km from the GTA, out of province, or, out of country are also eligible for travel reimbursements.

To find out if you qualify, please contact us.

Preferred Loan Program

Ivey has developed the MBA Loan Program in partnership with a number of Canadian banks to create competitive loan packages for Ivey MBA candidates (EMBA/AMBA/MBA).

Repayment terms vary amongst institutions with some banks allowing individuals to make interest-only payments for twelve months following graduation. The loan resembles a personal line-of-credit where you are charged interest every month. The interest rates are competitive (presently prime + 1/2%; TD Canada Trust, RBC and CIBC rate is prime + 0.0%). Each bank assesses your application against their lending criteria.

Each bank has designated one London branch to handle all Ivey MBA loans. This allows more personalized and efficient service for each student. We encourage you to compare the fees and terms of all student loan products in the chart found below, to determine which is best suited to your needs.

If you are working with someone at your own local branch, please ensure they contact the London Branch using the contact information below - not all branches are aware of these special rates.  


Bank Contact Email/Telephone Program Maximum
BMO Jessica Burden
(519) 667-6308

Prime + 0.5%: $135,000 maximum. Interest payments deferred until graduation

Nicole Krzynowek
(519) 667-7992
Scotiabank Hatem Abouzeenni hatem.abouzeenni

(519) 642-2376

Prime + 0.5%: $70,000 maximum. Principal repayment starts 12 months after graduation

Royal Bank of Canada Rob Stewart
(519) 660-4235

Prime +0.5%: $115,000 maximum with a 2-year grace period

Emily Tremblay
(519) 472-4354
TD Canada Trust Ravi Bhat (University Gates Branch) BRANCH MANAGER
(519) 673-6020 ex. 250

At Prime: $125,000 maximum. Principal repayment starts 24 months from graduation date

Mitchel Scherer
(519) 673-6020 ex. 232
Nav Thiara
(519) 673-6020 ex. 300

Simon Belz

1 (866) 682-9569


Prime + 0.5%: $125,000 limit. Access to personal line of credit continues after graduation

Brian Lawson

(519) 661-8182 x350