No one can speak to the Ivey EMBA experience better than Ivey program participants and alumni. These participant profiles provide a snapshot of the successful business executives joining you in the classroom, and how the Ivey experience changed their professional lives. With our world-class faculty leading the way, exceptional classmates like these will enhance your learning experience and fuel your drive toward success. You'll also stay connected to the Ivey alumni network long after graduation.

Current Participants

Anna MkrtchyanCaryn Maxwell SmithJames ChorleyMarcel F DvorakJohn Michael EnglandPeter TongSpencer OrrTommy-Yuk.jpg (2)Agho-Onagbeboma.jpgCarlos-Planelles.jpgNeilank-Jha.jpgMelissa-Conniff.jpgthumb-Deanne-Buckle.jpgthumb-Sarah-El-Fashny.jpgAlejandra-Sarmiento.jpgTed-Meighan.jpgDebbie-Drutz.jpgLouise-Kent.jpgTharani-Napper.jpgTim-Uppal.jpg


EMBA Alumni

Subhi AlsayedPaul CarrollMike PownallKathleen PerchalukDavid QuennevilleRenee JohnAaron LesargeMarcel MarcellinKaren CormackMichael BaldSameer HusainTom ChanPamela SchottCharaka KithulegodaAgnieszka WlochAlexandra Blum, Ivey EMBA '14 (Candidate)Remo Di Fronzo, Ivey EMBA '13 (Candidate)Jessica Lewis, Ivey EMBA '13Rachel Fabugais, Ivey EMBA '13Patrick Morrison, Ivey EMBA '12Sumita Sikand, Ivey EMBA '14 (Candidate)Mike Brown, Ivey EMBA '14 (Candidate)Wayne Sooklal, Ivey EMBA '14 (Candidate)Vikas Girdhar, Ivey EMBA '13 (Candidate)Sharon Castelino, Ivey EMBA '12Scott Keating, Ivey EMBA '13 (Candidate)Neil Hetherington, Ivey EMBA '13Sarah Trimble, Ivey EMBA '12Candace Chartier, Ivey EMBA '12Duncan Fulton, Ivey EMBA '13Chike Gardiner, Ivey EMBA '12Nicole Castellan, Ivey EMBA '12Ernie Kerst, Ivey EMBA '12Tom Langton, Ivey EMBA '12J.P. Granger, Ivey EMBA '12