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Business Leadership Education for Executives at Ivey EMBA

The Ivey Executive MBA program is structured to develop business leaders who deal with cross-enterprise challenges. It's a unique experience where you learn a practical, hands-on approach to dealing with complex business issues.

Program Schedule

Program -details -01In the Ivey Executive MBA Program, you participate while you continue to work. Each term begins with a one-week residential session in London, Ontario. In addition, you'll attend class at our downtown Toronto campus for four consecutive days (Thursday to Sunday), once per month, over three five-month terms. 

Facilities And Location

Program -details -04Conveniently located in the heart of Toronto's financial district, the Ivey facilities are specifically designed to support a dynamic learning environment. Each residential module takes place in London, Ontario - the headquarters of the Ivey Business School.

Tuition And Finance

Program -details -05We've partnered with several major Canadian banks to offer flexible financing options with our preferred loan programs. If you're traveling from out of town you may be eligible for a travel and accommodation bursary. 

Program Structure And Curriculum

Program -details -02The Ivey EMBA curriculum is designed to help you achieve greater levels of performance for yourself and your organization. You'll develop world-class leadership skills, including environmental analysis, strategy formulation, execution, analysis, and talent acquisition and retention.

Leadership Essentials

Program -details -03As an Ivey EMBA participant, you'll gain more than just business leadership knowledge. You'll develop the ability to apply that knowledge in ways that drive your business and your career forward. We call these capabilities Ivey Leadership Essentials.

We Can Help Make It Possible

The Ivey team is here to support you throughout your EMBA journey, starting with the application process and continuing to graduation.

Making It Possible