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General Management

General Management is about how an enterprise achieves and sustains a high level of success, and the role of the general manager in this process. The core general management course covers analytical tools and conceptual frameworks that aid in the development of strategic understanding. However, its basic intent is not to know specific tools, but to sharpen your skills at developing robust judgments to help guide managerial actions in the face of uncertainty and complexity - to link actions, analysis and successful outcomes. 

Ensuring the continued success of the enterprise is the job of the general manager. And developing the general management perspective is at the core of what we do. A general manager is someone responsible for a multi-functional group (business, division, profit centre, etc.) and is accountable for the strategic performance of that unit. But what we learn has utility not just to the person at the "top" of the enterprise. Increasingly general management responsibility is shared. Every member of the management team needs to appreciate how their actions create value and contribute to the overall success of the enterprise. For functional managers the general management perspective helps them put their issues within the context of the overall success of the enterprise.

Topics covered in the general management area include: strategy and strategic management, the creation and distribution of value, managing strategic change, international management and merger and acquisition.


Wren Montgomery

Assistant Professor

Andreas Schotter

Associate Professor

Cara C. Maurer

Assistant Professor
diane-laure arjalies

Diane-Laure Arjaliès

Assistant Professor

W. Glenn Rowe

Associate Professor

Jean-Louis Schaan

Professor Emeritus

Jean-Philippe Vergne

Associate Professor
Watkiss, Lee-(BIO)---2017---500-x-680.jpg

Lee Watkiss

Assistant Professor

Mark J. Zbaracki

Associate Professor,Deans' Office

Mary Crossan


Michael Rouse

Associate Professor

Ning Su

Associate Professor

Oana Branzei

Associate Professor

R.E. (Rod) White

Adjunct Professor,Professor Emeritus
de la Lande, Sebastien (BIO).jpg

Sebastien de la Lande

Lecturer (part-time)

Shih-Fen Chen


Vanessa Hasse

Assistant Professor