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Government Loans for Students

A student government loan is a wise choice for funding your education. There are no interest or principal payments during your studies as long as you remain in full-time attendance. Repayment begins six months after you have completed your studies. For more information about student government and private loan options please review the guide provided by The Office of the Registrar.

Click on the provincial names below to access the provincial government websites:

Who do I contact about government loans?

Due to Ministry Requirements, all government loan inquiries (i.e.: OSAP) must be directly addressed to Western Financial Aid ( / / 519-661-2100).  If you wish to discuss your OSAP application, please contact your Western Financial Aid Counselor.

Private Bank Loans

TD Canada Trust and BMO offer preferred opportunities for Student Lines of Credit to Ivey HBA students who have a financial shortfall for their education financing.  The features of each are:

TD Canada Trust

  • Line-of-credit of $30,000 per year in each HBA1 and HBA2 to a lifetime maximum of $80,000 (including first two years of University)
  • HBA students require a co-signer.
  • Interest rate of prime + 0.0%
  • Amortization of up to 7 years or escalating payments designed to make the principal and interest payment affordable to your starting salary.
  • Interest-only payments while studying and no principal payment until 12 months after graduation
  • Repayment of principle will begin 1 year after graduation
  • Applicant must be a Canadian citizen or hold permanent residency status


  • Line-of-credit maximum of $50,000 over the 2 HBA years of study
  • Interest rate of prime + 0.5%
  • Interest-only payments while studying
  • Co-signer is required

 The following financial advisors would be happy to provide more information about their program:

Bank Contact Telephone

TD Canada Trust

Richmond University Gates Branch

Nav Thiara   ext. 223

Todd Allen   ext. 230

Branch Manager:
Jay Chen ext. 250

(519) 673-6020 

Richmond Masonville Branch

Hasin Said

Shaun Timbeck

(519) 660-0070 

Bank of Montreal

Tammy Craigwell 

(519) 667-6308

Carlos Toopitsin

(519) 667-7992