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Tuition Schedule and Other Fees at Ivey HBA

The Ivey HBA program is a 2 + 2 program. You spend your first two years in any program or faculty and typically join the Ivey HBA Program in your third year. Keep this in mind as you compare the costs of the Ivey HBA Program to other undergraduate business programs. It is important to consider the overall (usually 4 year) cost of the programs.

Tuition and Fees (2016-17)

  Domestic International
Year 1 (Arts, Social Science, Science) $6,338.00 $24,643.00
Year 2 (Arts, Social Science, Science) $6,338.00 $23,730.00
Year 3 (HBA Year 1) $25,652.00 $36,653.00
Year 4 (HBA Year 2) $25,652.00 $36,653.00

Note: Does not include ancillary fees.

**Subject to final approval, Ivey HBA tuition for 2017-18 will be $26,750 (Domestic) and $38,222 (International).

Other Fees

There are additional ancillary fees of approximately $1,700 per year.

Tuition Schedule

Tuition is due in full by mid-August or students can opt to pay in two installments.

If paying in installments, then 50% of total fees is due by mid-August and the remaining 50% is due in December.

For more information on tuition and fees please visit Western's Registrar website.

Computers & Course Materials

You will need to purchase a notebook computer before the start of HBA1 classes. If you need help on the details and specifications of different models, please contact the Ivey IT Centre.

You will also need course materials for the Ivey HBA Program which will be approximately $3,000-$3,500 for each year.

Academic and Living Expenses

For a sample of the overall costs in the HBA1 year of the HBA Program, please consult our estimates chart.