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University Students Years 1 and 2

University Students Applying to Ivey

University students can apply directly to the Ivey HBA during their second year (or higher) of full-time university study.

Applying from Western

Many students use their first two years of university to explore a variety of academic interests. Students at Western who are interested in pursuing a business program have the opportunity to apply to the Ivey HBA Program from any faculty or program in their second year.

Approximately 2/3 of our Ivey HBA class are formerly Ivey AEOs (pre-admission status attained after secondary school), the remaining 1/3 are students from Western and other universities who discover an interest in business during their first two years of study.

Review the requirements for applying to the Ivey HBA Program (see below) and contact our office if you have any questions about how these requirements relate to your academic experience.

Applying from Another University

Thinking about making a change? The Ivey Honours Business Administration (HBA) Program offers an entirely unique experience beyond the scope of anything offered at traditional undergraduate business schools.

The Ivey HBA program has the capacity to accommodate transfer students from other accredited post‐secondary institutions. However, the admission process is highly competitive and preference is given to those applicants with the strongest qualifications. Ivey HBAs are admitted to the program because they have demonstrated excellent academic and extracurricular achievement. We welcome applicants who discover an interest in business after studying in a different discipline for their first two years. Ivey strives to integrate diverse perspectives from all areas of study. While certainly not impossible, it may be more difficult to transfer if you are coming from a commerce program at another university. For students in their third year or higher of a commerce program at another university, you are currently not eligible for the HBA program but we encourage you to explore our graduate level programs.

Business 2257 or Equivalent Pre-requisite

All students who wish to pursue Ivey’s HBA Program must complete the Business 2257 course at Western or an approved equivalent from another recognized institution. If you are registered at Western or one of the Affiliated University Colleges (Brescia, Huron, King’s), it is expected that you complete Business 2257 rather than the equivalent courses at another university.

Business 2257 is a second year, full credit introductory accounting course covering financial and managerial accounting, business analysis and an entrepreneurial feasibility study.

Review the list of currently accepted Business 2257 equivalents at other institutions to ensure you are completing an approved combination of courses at your university.

If your courses are not on the Business 2257 equivalent listing, please forward the following information to by the end of January for review if you wish to be considered for admission the following September:

  • Detailed course syllabus for each course including the name and edition of the textbooks.
  • Daily class assignment schedule including topics, questions, exercises and problems assigned from the textbook.
  • During the course evaluation process, you may be asked to submit the current textbooks if Ivey's Pre-Business Department does not have access to the information for courses completed at universities in Canada.
  • Textbooks for each course completed at universities outside of Canada are required to complete the course evaluation and can be mailed to:

    Ivey Business School
    Western University
    Attn: HBA Office
    1255 Western Road
    London ON CAN N6G 0N1

Before submitting course information for review, please refer to Western's Business 2257 course outline to ensure your courses are similar in content.

Business 2257 can also be completed during Intersession (May-June) at Western. Information on Intersession registration is available on Western’s Office of the Registrar’s website or by contacting 519-661-2100 or

What We Look For

  1. Complete years 1 & 2 (or more) at Western or any other university. Pursue any course of study at any university and ensure that you:
    • Maintain a full course load over two years of university (equivalent of 10.0 Western courses).
    • Achieve a minimum average of 70% in 10.0 university courses completed including Business 2257.
    • Complete a secondary school mathematics course for students bound for university or an equivalent.
    • Complete Western's Business 2257 course or equivalent. View a list of accepted equivalents at Business 2257 Equivalents.
    • Achieve a minimum grade of 70% in Business 2257 or equivalent.
  2. A competitive Ivey HBA application includes:
    • Demonstrated leadership in extracurricular activities, community involvement, and work experience
    • 80%+ average on 10.0 full courses (or the equivalent) at any university (if at another university, these courses must be acceptable to transfer to Western). The minimum average to transfer to Western is 70%. The average needed for admission to Ivey HBA may be much higher.

Once applicants have met these requirements (typically in their second year of university), they apply during their second year. Students may apply after three years of university as well (unless they are applying from a commerce program). Students may find that their current curriculum prevents them from taking Business 2257. We allow students to take a maximum of 1.0 full course (of the 10.0 full courses required for admission) during the Intersession period (May-June) at Western or another university - Business 2257 Equivalents

Please note, Western’s Introductory Calculus (Mathematics 0110 A/B) course or a pre-university level math course taken at a transfer university does not count towards the 10.0 credits required for admission to the HBA Program.

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