Following the publication of his compelling and powerful Op-Ed in the Globe and Mail in response to the killing of George Floyd, Wes Hall, Executive Chairman and Founder of Kingsdale Advisors, was determined to catalyze meaningful change to end systemic racism. He founded the Canadian Council of Business Leaders Against Anti-Black Systemic Racism and the BlackNorth Initiative.

Important conversations need to be continually held in order to maintain the momentum towards eradicating discrimination, racism, and inequality —in organizations and in our communities— and thereby making a difference and change lives. It has now been a year since the death of Floyd and the global protests in support of Black Lives Matter, and July 21 marks the first anniversary since the launch of the BlackNorth Initiative when Canadian CEOs pledged their commitment to end anti-Black racism.

Please join us for this conversation with Wes Hall, moderated by Jeannine Pereira, Director, Talent Development, EY Canada when they will explore:

  • Can we be optimistic that positive change is happening? What has progress looked like? 
  • What are the actionable steps that workplaces can implement immediately / in the short term to truly diversify their organizations?
  • What continues to be very challenging? What has been disappointing? 
  • What is the role of leader character in making meaningful change – aspects such as courage, accountability, and humanity?

Academic institutions also have a central role to play in finding ways to address and tackle racism through research, teaching and outreach initiatives. The Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership is committed to contributing to the discourse and the momentum for social change that has been galvanized by the Black Lives Matter movement and BlackNorth.