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Ivey faculty win awards for responsible management research

  • Julia Bevacqua
  • |
  • Mar 27, 2020
Ivey faculty win awards for responsible management research

The work of two Ivey faculty members was among the eight winners of the Awards for Responsible Research in Management, co-sponsored by the International Association for Chinese Management Research and Responsible Research in Business and Management.

These awards recognize research conducted between 2015 and 2019 that focuses on important issues in business and society. All submissions went through a rigorous review and finalists were selected by more than 60 reviewers from academia and practice.

One of the winners was Wren Montgomery’s paper, “Water Wars in Detroit: Custodianship and the Work of Institutional Renewal,” co-authored with Tina Dacin from Queen’s University. This work examines how societal institutions, when broken, cannot be renewed by single entities. Instead, they must be addressed by different groups with different abilities and, in turn, may help to overcome growing polarization across such groups. The researchers investigated this by studying the decay of one institution – the water supply in Detroit, Michigan – and how diverse actors worked to strengthen it during the water shutoffs that began in 2014.

The second winner from Ivey was Tima Bansal’s article, “Does a long‐term orientation create value? Evidence from a regression discontinuity.” This article, co-authored with Caroline Flammer, a former Ivey faculty member who is now at Boston University, seeks to understand how offering long-term executive compensation—which aims to increase managers’ time horizon—impacts firm value and strategy. Their results show that long-term compensation does improve long-term business performance because it fosters innovation and the firm’s responsibility to stakeholders.