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Centre for Building Sustainable Value · Matthew Lynch

Ivey climate event uses innovative simulator to chart the course to net zero

Apr 25, 2022

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On April 21st 2022, Ivey hosted a unique interactive learning event that challenged over 100 executive alumni to work collectively to chart a path to a net-zero future, using the En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator.

The event was the latest in the Ivey Net Zero Event Series – jointly hosted by the Centre for Building Sustainable Value and the Ivey Academy – which focuses on the strategic implications and opportunities for business in pursuing a net-zero strategy.

En-ROADS is a global climate simulator built by Climate Interactive and the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative.  En-ROADS allows users to explore the impact of roughly 30 policies – such as electrifying transport, pricing carbon, and improving agricultural practices – on hundreds of factors like temperature, air quality, and the evolution of energy mix. The system dynamics model weaves together the best available science and research, to show how our world and the climate reacts to interventions in our energy and land-use choices.

During the event, participants worked in teams to identify and assess effective ways that individuals, corporations, and governments could collectively address climate change challenges using the En-ROADS simulation. In sharing their learnings from the exercise, many participants reflected on how there are no “magic bullets” to address the climate crisis, but some key measures, like a robust climate price and rapidly reducing the use of fossil fuels, are critical for making substantive progress.

The workshop was moderated by En-ROADS Climate Ambassadors Laura Sacks and Shea Wyatt and Ivey Academy’s Mazi Raz. Ivey faculty Rob Klassen and Wren Montgomery highlighting key insights and the linkages with leading climate-focused research at Ivey, including the Corporate Strategies for Net Zero initiative.

Future events in the Ivey Net-Zero Event Series are planned for the coming months.