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Guest Speakers

Presentations from leading value investors enhance the value investing skills that are taught in both the Ivey’s Value Investing program as well as the Value Investing and the Search for Value Seminars. Our speaker series allow students the opportunity to see value investors in action.

Practitioners’ involvement in the program is organized in two parts; First, the investors’ basic approach to value investing and a discussion of their style; Second, practitioners take students through actual investment decisions. This includes decisions to purchase securities, and how large a position to take, or decisions not to purchase securities. Time is allowed at the end for open-ended student questions.

This page also features presentations from the keynote speakers at the Centre's Value Investing Conferences that cover broad areas of interest to the value investing community and to our students.

Upcoming Guest Speakers

Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Ewing Morris & Co Investment Partners, Toronto, ON (July 26, 2019 -- Seminar on Value Investing and the Search for Value)

Mr. Ewing founded Ewing Morris & Co. Investment Partners in June 2011. Ewing Morris is a value-driven investment firm focused on small/mid cap North American companies and invests across capital structures. John serves as Chief Investment Officer and manages the firm’s flagship Opportunities Fund. Prior to Ewing Morris, John was Vice President and Director of Research at Burgundy Asset Management. John graduated with distinction from the University of Guelph in 2005 with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree and a Minor in Business Administration. He won the President’s Trophy as Guelph’s top student-athlete in 2005 and has completed the Investment Management Workshop at Harvard Business School.

Past Guest Speakers