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Tony Frost

Business, Economics, and Public Policy

Tony is an associate professor of international business, and the former MBA Program Director at the Ivey Business School. His MIT Sloan thesis "The Geographic Sources of Innovation in the Multinational Enterprise" received the inaugural Gunnar Hedlund Award for the best doctoral dissertation in international business. Tony previously worked as an intern at Microsoft Corp.

Tony's research interests revolve around strategy and competition in a global context. The main focus of his research is on the capacity of foreign subsidiaries to assimilate, utilize and transfer geographically localized knowledge during the process of technological innovation. Papers from this research stream have been presented at various academic conferences and published in leading academic journals. Tony has embarked on research looking at competitive dynamics between multinationals and local firms in emerging markets. A paper from this project was published in Harvard Business Review. Tony has taught Ph.D., MBA and undergraduate courses in Business, Economics and Public Policy and strategic management. He has also taught on several Ivey executive programs, including Accelerating Management Talent. Tony also teaches specialized executive programs for emerging market companies in various locations around the world. More here.