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EMBA · Kim Randall

Celebrating Ivey moms: EMBA participant reflects on support from classmates

May 9, 2024

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Kim Randall is an EMBA ’25 candidate and Ivey EMBA Associate Director, Recruitment and Admissions. In her blog below, she recognizes Mother’s Day with a salute to all the moms in her EMBA cohort who inspire and support her and each other.

I became a mom on Mother’s Day 2017. A tiny human with screeching lungs entered the world before her due date, teaching me that we won’t always be ready for life’s big changes. She also taught me that, ready or not, I am capable. Next week, that little girl turns seven. I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. And it’s not slowing down.

Since February, I’ve been balancing my full-time job at Ivey alongside the Executive MBA – a while-you-work program with full-time demands. This, of course, is on top of motherhood – arguably the most demanding job out there. It hasn’t been easy, but I have found immense support, comfort, and motivation from my classmates, many who are fellow moms. These women have become my Ivey “village,” from my classmates who breast pump between classes to those excited to graduate from Ivey at the same time as their children. These women remind me every day of the strength and resilience of mothers – and that mothers model to their children the value of education, believing in yourself, and showing up, even when it’s hard.

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, I reached out to my fellow Ivey EMBA moms to ask how their children have responded to them going back to school. Every response has made me smile. I hope you do, too.

Responses from Ivey moms and their children

Kim Randall and kids

“Mommy, do you have outside play time at school?”
—Cole, three-year-old son of EMBA participant Kim Randall
Anjana Moitra-Ohri

“It is a sacrifice in the short term to your personal time, family, and friends. And learning is also the most beautiful investment. I haven’t felt this inspired, excited, and proud of myself in a long time. And my kids feel that, too, and are my biggest supporters.”

– EMBA participant Anjana Moitra-Ohri

“You being at school makes me feel I can do the same thing you do and that I can work as hard as you can.”

– Jaiman, 10-year-old son of EMBA participant Anjana Moitra-Ohri

“I think it’s cool that you put so much time into school even though you are so busy with work and our family. It shows how much you want it.”

– Avani, 13-year-old daughter of EMBA participant Anjana Moitra-Ohri

Michelle Mohabir Palmer

“I want my daughter to grow up knowing that she can do anything she puts her mind to. Empowering her to be resilient in challenging situations, through her observation of my actions, is what fuels my endurance in this marathon. The thought of her seeing me graduate at the end of all of this with my MBA will truly be my greatest accomplishment in life.”

– EMBA participant Michelle Mohabir Palmer

“Mama goes on the choo choo to school and plays with friends.”

– Shay, two-year-old daughter of EMBA participant Michelle Mohabir Palmer

Leah Carr

“As a Black woman, I want to be an example not only to my daughter, Mia, but to so many other Black girls out there. Mia tells me every time I leave at the beginning of the month for classes that she is so proud of me and that I'm going to be great. I have to say, I'm also very proud of myself too. It's been an exhilarating and fulfilling journey so far and will definitely change my life in a positive way.”

– EMBA participant Leah Carr, mother of Mia, 6

“Mommy, I want you to be great and succeed in your work!”

– Mia, six-year-old daughter of EMBA participant Leah Carr

Arlette Edmonds

“So proud of my Mom! She is my biggest role model and inspires me every day as she works towards achieving her goals and dreams. So excited to graduate together in 2025!”

– Alexandra, 20-year-old daughter of EMBA participant, Arlette Edmunds

Natasha Kostyuk

“I guess school never ends. But it’s nice to see you are doing something good for yourself”

– Katrina, 13-year-old-daughter of EMBA participant Natasha Kostyuk

Amina Khan

“From a young age, I could tell my mom was different. She was my superhero, my best friend. She taught me to always follow my dreams and I am so proud that this Mother’s Day, she’ll be making her dreams come true at Ivey by daring to be different. Thank you, Mama, for loving us and for being kind and for following your dreams against all odds. Happy Mother’s Day to all Ivey moms!”

– Emaan, 21-year-old daughter of EMBA participant Amina Khan

Kerry Rizzo

“Seeing my mom go after one of her lifelong dreams of completing an MBA inspires me to continue to go after the big dreams I have. Seeing her work hard reminds me that anything is possible and that the harder you work, the luckier you get”

– Julianna, 21-year-old daughter of EMBA participant Kerry Rizzo

Cristina Vokey

(When asked what happens when mommy goes to school) “Daddy stays home with the kids!”

- Willow, three-year-old daughter of EMBA participant Cristina Vokey

Amanda Pfeffer

“It’s like having another stressed teenager living with us.”

- Sarah, 16-year-old daughter of EMBA participant Amanda Pfeffer

Days before my daughter’s first birthday, a friend reminded me that, “The days are long, but the years are short.” As we near the end of Term 1 of our Ivey Executive MBA, I see the truth in those words. The time is going to pass either way. My question to you is: How are you going to spend it?