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HBA · Kathy Zhang

Ivey Connects - Philanthropy in action

Mar 20, 2023


Philanthropy and charities play a principal role in bringing positive social impact to society, and there are many easy ways to get involved as university students. As future Ivey students, an excellent opportunity to give back to the community is by joining Ivey Connects. As a student-led philanthropic arm of the Ivey HBA Association, the main initiative of Ivey Connects is to raise money and awareness for its ten partner charities in our local London community. Kyanna Vi, co-Director of the group, shares that Ivey Connects aims to “inspire students at Ivey to contribute to societies in which they operate and make positive change.” By hosting many creative and fun events, such as therapy dog visits, Candy grams, and activity nights, Ivey Connects gathers student donations to support partner charities like Habitat for Humanity, Children’s Health Founding, and more.

Another key aspect of Ivey Connects is the Community Internship Program, sponsored by Canada Life. According to Kyanna, the program “allows Ivey students  to intern at a non-profit organization, and it helps non-profits who otherwise would not have access to resources or our students to support their needs.” The internship program is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain experience and build connections. Some participating organizations this year include Goodwill, Volunteer Toronto, and six other incredible foundations to make a change.

Furthermore, Kyanna highlights that becoming a part of Ivey Connects is a “rewarding experience [that motivates] your peers to participate [in starting a journey as a life-long volunteer.]” Ivey Connects implements a distinctive system which assigns each Ivey section its own charity to fundraise and support. This unique approach to charity work allows for a great way to bond with fellow Ivey section mates while “learning to be responsible members of the community.”

            Ivey Connects serves as a dynamic platform for enhancing Ivey's educational experience, especially in social responsibility. With an abundance of resources, such as exclusive events and professional connections, students can confidently take their first steps into community work, charity organizations, and philanthropy. By attending Ivey Connect events, you can donate and raise money for a serious cause, which is a rewarding experience. To learn more about Ivey Connects, Kyanna recommends interested students to reach out to For information on events and opportunities, Ivey Connects also has its official Instagram page @ivey.connects!