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Sports Unlimited (Halifax) Inc.

Authors: David Shaw, Elizabeth M. A. Grasby – Originally written by Liz Gray

In an attempt to capitalize on the increasing popularity of soccer, Sports Unlimited Inc. developed two soccer pitches in Greater Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 2008, under the management of Sports Unlimited (Halifax) Inc. In 2010, air-supported bubbles were added to cover the pitches each year from mid-October to mid-April, so that the facility could offer indoor soccer during the Canadian winter. Over the past two winter sports seasons, rentals for the pitches had been less than 40 per cent of capacity, well below the operation’s 60 per cent break-even level. Jack Glenkowsky, program director, was expecting a visit from his boss, Randy Evans, in two weeks time. Glenkowsky knew Evans would expect a marketing plan that would return the facility to a profitable level for the 2012-2013 winter sports season and beyond.

Teaching Objectives

This case reinforces the decision-making skills surrounding most components of a marketing strategy. Students are required to develop a communications marketing campaign for Sports Halifax, utilizing a limited budget. Students must decide whether the current facility’s mix of soccer and other activities is enough to generate the revenues necessary to satisfy corporate objectives. Students are also encouraged to be creative with their ideas to help improve the profitability of the soccer bubbles.

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Tags: Marketing

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