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Terra Minerals Limited


John Parson, president of Terra Minerals Ltd., has just discovered that one of his highly regarded and recently promoted executives, Steve Bartlett, had previously been terminated from a company because of a drug abuse problem. Terra’s executive team was small and close-knit. Parsons wonders what he should do now since it is clear that Bartlett has covered up this incident and, in Parson’s mind, brings into question Bartlett’s trustworthiness.

Teaching Objectives

Students are exposed to a number of ethical issues in the employment relationship, including the disclosure of full information on applications and resumes, and the right to personal privacy. This case raises awareness of issues associated with substance abuse and the changing management approaches to it. Students are also introduced to the tenets of the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC) and an organization’s responsibilities to its employees with disabilities.

Analysis Required

An understanding of the major tenets of the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC) and its application to a business environment and how best to handle the discovery of what employers may view as an employee’s lack of full disclosure during the recruiting process.

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Tags: Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour

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