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Alex Kiar

Program of Study in Years 1 and 2

Mechanical Engineering - Pursuing a dual degree: HBA and Mechanical Engineering.

Extra-curricular involvement in the first two years of university:

  1. Western intramural - volleyball and soccer.
  2. Ivey ACE Conference - Programming Committee.
  3. Volunteer Research in the Physics and Astronomy Department.

Why did you choose Ivey’s HBA program?

I chose Ivey’s HBA program for the dual degree opportunity. I knew I wanted to study engineering but I was looking for a program that would set me apart from other engineers. Additionally, I was looking for a program that would let me look at big picture problems, rather than focusing on very niche problems that are typically found in engineering.

Describe one highlight from your Ivey experience thus far.

Having a section in HBA1 was one of the best experiences at Ivey. Having a constant group of 75 people made the transition to HBA1 much easier, and improved all aspects of the HBA1 experience. 

What advice do you have for incoming HBA students?

Work hard and don’t be afraid to contribute. HBA1 is a stressful year with a lot of work starting from the first week, so making sure you’re prepared for each class will make the HBA experience much better. Contributing can be a challenge for a lot of students. Making sure you contribute consistently will not only set you up for success academically, but it will make what you get out of the HBA program much more rewarding. 

How has Ivey’s Career Management set you up for success?

Ivey’s Career Management has helped in many ways. I’ve used career management for interview preparation, resume and cover letter review, and networking help. A representative is always available to answer any questions, and someone is always willing to help. Having two summers of access to Career Management is a major benefit of the dual-degree program, as I was able to use these resources more than the typical HBA student.

What kind of support did you find the most helpful with the intense curriculum in HBA1?

I always found that all of my professors were willing to help if I was struggling. All of the professors I had in HBA1, were willing to sit down with me in an appointment to talk about contribution, any problems I had with the course work, or just to talk about managing the stress of HBA1. I reached out to most of my professors, and they were definitely one of the best sources of support. 

What has been the most challenging part of the program for you?

Contribution has been one of the most challenging parts of the program. I didn’t find it easy to contribute in HBA1, but that aspect of the program has gotten easier over my time at Ivey. 

What are your plans after graduation? 

After graduation, I plan to pursue a career in Canada’s space industry, either completing a Master’s program in space engineering, working with the Canadian Space Agency, or working for a Canadian company specializing in space exploration.

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Alex Kiar

Alex Kiar

Dresden, Ontario - Lambton Kent Composite School

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