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Christine Yan

Where are you from? What high school did you attend?

I'm from Ottawa and I attended Ashbury College for high school.

What was your Program of Study for Years 1 and 2?

Bachelor of Arts in Environment and Health Studies, Faculty of Geography

List your Extra-curricular involvement in the first two years of university.

First Year:

  • PBSN Impact Magazine Photographer
  • Intramural Residence League Football

Second Year:

  • EnviroWestern Executive 
  • Intramural Innertube Polo
  • Founding member of Salthaven Youth Environmental Alliance

Why did you choose Ivey’s HBA program?

Coming out of high school, I knew I wanted to help the environment but didn't know how. In my first two years of studies, I realized that many environmental issues we face today are results of irresponsible business practices that have gone on for decades. I chose Ivey's HBA program to learn about business skills and the business world, so that I could better understand how I could create real change. I was also drawn to the case-based method of teaching because I wanted to challenge myself as an introvert.

Describe one highlight of your Ivey Experience thus far.

The highlight of my Ivey Experience thus far is definitely all the amazing people I've met that I now get to call my friends. They always say it's all about networking, but the experience puts you through something that brings you so close to your peers that it's not just networking, it's true friendship.

What advice do you have for incoming HBA students?

My biggest piece of advice would be to not forget about your hobbies and passions. The HBA program, especially HBA1, can seem like it's engulfing all your time and energy, but it's important to actually schedule time aside to do the things you always do. For me, it was continuing to go to yoga, baking, or reading. Maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle is super important for your long-term success in the HBA program and your career!

How has Ivey’s Career Management set you up for success?

Although I'm planning on going to law school this coming September, Career Management's base services to all HBA1s through resume, cover letter, and interview support has been extremely helpful for me. These are skills that are hard to teach and learn, but the package they have put together and the in-class sessions were enough to make me feel comfortable with recruiting!

What kind of support did you find the most helpful with the intense curriculum in HBA1?

The HBA Association (HBAA) programming was a large piece of support for me in HBA1. Whether it was through direct involvements on a portfolio or just attending the events they put on, these are great ways to take a break from the HBA1 curriculum while giving back to the community. It also helps you meet people outside your section!

What has been the most challenging part of the program for you?

In HBA1, I got caught up in the phases of heavy recruiting and felt a need to do what everyone else seemed to be doing, even if it wasn't what I wanted. This made it really stressful because I was competing against people who have given all their efforts into, for example, consulting, whereas I had barely thought about it before. I think staying true to yourself and your interests is definitely a challenging part for many people at Ivey.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I'm planning to start law school in September. One day, I hope to combine my business and law background to influence decision-making at a local or global level to help protect the environment. I'm not exactly sure what this will look like, but the business and leadership skills I've acquired at Ivey will definitely help prepare me for this.

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Christine Yan

Christine Yan

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