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Craig Martin

Program of Study in Years 1 and 2:


Extra-curricular involvement in the first two years of university:

  • Faculty of Health Sciences Student's Council
  • Learning It Together: After school program promoting literacy, numeracy and healthy eating for underprivileged children in the London community
  • Faculty Soph

Additional Information

Why Ivey?

I chose Ivey because I knew it was the best place to develop the skills needed for success. Every day at Ivey represents a new opportunity to grow. You are surrounded by a diverse group of impressive students, talented faculty and practical learning. This pushes you to continuously improve and opens your mind to new opportunities both professionally and personally. Ivey's reputation is well deserved and it is an experience I would highly recommend to anyone.

The beauty of Ivey is that it teaches you both the technical and personal skill set required for success. From a technical standpoint, you will be given all the hard skills you need to hit the ground running in whatever career you may choose. But more importantly, Ivey teaches you the soft skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork that are integral to your career going forward.

What has one highlight of your Ivey Experience been so far?

Last year, I was elected by my HBA1 peers to be the President of the HBA Association, Ivey's Student Council. It is one of my greatest achievements thus far and I am honoured to have the chance to serve and represent the HBA student population.

What advice do you have for incoming HBA students?  

Stay humble, work hard and enjoy your time here.

How has Ivey’s Career Management set you up for success?

The typical Ivey student is intelligent and capable however, Ivey’s Career Management provides the tools and training that help make Ivey students so desirable to employers. Whether it be Resume/Cover Letter help or sitting down to chat about what industries may interest you - they are a great resource.

With the intense curriculum in HBA1, what support is available for students?  

Each HBA student has a different experience, while some students immediately feel at home in the program, others take some time to adapt to their new surroundings. Regardless of which category you fit into, the HBA program has a number of programs and offerings designed to help you achieve the results and the experience you’re seeking.

Formal support in the form of Program Services, peer support, myHBA (HBAA's mental health program)  and tutors are readily accessible. Also your peers are a great resource for navigating the peaks and valleys of the HBA1 year.

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Craig Martin

Craig Martin

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