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Daniela Chang

Program of Study prior to attending the HBA Program.

Political Science

Dual Degree.


Extra-curricular activities in the first two years of University.

  • Western Delegate at the Harvard Model UN Conference
  • Training Coach for Western Dragon Boat Club
  • Regional Representative for Experiences International Abroad

Why Ivey?

After discussing the matter with HBA students and alumni, I decided the Ivey culture would match my character, and would be conducive to my learning style. The idea of engaged class discussion based on the case method in a relatively small and connected group really interested me.

Beyond financial formulas and swift Excel maneuvers, I have learned about teamwork and leadership. I have learned that the quality of content is deeply affected by the dynamic of the group creating it, and that each team member is personally responsible for said dynamic.

What was one highlight of your Ivey Experience?

The highlight has been the willingness of HBA2's and Alumni to dispense their wealth of experience and knowledge for HBA1s. It has been inspiring to see accomplished and successful people go out of their way to guide me and my peers.

What advice would you give incoming HBA students?

If you're having trouble with participation (which is more important than you think), start by talking the case over with classmates to practice articulating your thoughts. Then, practice speaking in class, and the quality of your contribution will improve.

Given the demanding curriculum in HBA1, what support is available for students?

It is undoubtedly intimidating at first; the expectations are higher for each student and with a section of 75 people, no one is anonymous. However, I found my section to be exceptionally supportive and fun, and I learned much more than I would have in a 500-person, non-participatory lecture.

I think the best support is found in people who have been through it. HBA2s survived and thrived, and have the experience fresh in their minds. Almost every HBA club offers mentoring programs, so reach out!

HBA '17

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Daniela Chang

Daniela Chang

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