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Nick Zeeb

Program of Study prior to attending the HBA Program.

Civil Engineering

Dual Degree.

HBA & Engineering

Extra-curricular activities in the first two years of University.

  • Engineering Sophomore
  • Western Engineering Concrete Toboggan Team
  • Essex Hall Floor Representative

Why Ivey?

I chose Ivey because I wanted to pursue both of my passions: science and business. Through the dual degree, it is my goal to run my own engineering services company, either focused in construction or mechanical technologies.

Ivey is so different from the typical lecture style and can be best described as a conversation. Regardless of how you solved the case, you will learn most by observing the perspectives of the 74 other brilliant students in that room.

While Ivey taught me the extensive business knowledge I was hoping for, I was surprised how much the program developed my soft skills. I now work much better in teams, am confident when voicing my opinions, and have improved my leadership skills. 

What was one highlight of your Ivey Experience?

The highlight of my Ivey experience is working with Ivey Business Review, Canada's premier student run business strategy magazine. Devising a recommendation for real world business problems, structuring it into 1800 words, and seeing the final piece published in print is one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had.

What advice would you give incoming HBA students?

Get involved. I did the Ivey Business Review first semester and became President of my section. Both experiences have taught me a lot that I never would have learned outside of Ivey. What you learn outside of the classroom will surprise you.

Given the demanding curriculum in HBA1, what support is available for students?

The Ivey classroom environment is a pleasant change from that of a lecture based class setting. I used my Section Head as my resource. Your section head is the 'manager' of your entire class, regardless of course, so they are there to listen and offer any help they can. Even if they can't give you help personally, they will point you in the right direction.

HBA '16

Ivey Business School

Nick Zeeb

Nick Zeeb

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