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Rafaella Rosenberg

Program of Study in Years 1 and 2:

Theatre Arts and English

Extra-curricular involvement in the first two years of university:

  • Choreographer, University of Miami
  • Co-director and Choreographer, Theatre Western's production of RENT
  • Choreographer, UWO Dance Force

Additional Information

Why Ivey?

I changed my mind about my major in first year and Ivey’s 2+2 is perfectly designed for people like me. Its reputation and immersive learning environment are what solidified my decision. At Ivey you develop the ability to work in a team and learn to accomplish projects that are of high quality, in a short period of time. Ivey teaches you that sometimes the most important aspect of being a leader is learning how to follow.

What has one highlight of your Ivey Experience been so far?

The biggest highlight has been my involvement with the HBAA. As a Section VP Social in HBA1 and as VP Communications in HBA2, it has allowed me to give back to the Ivey community and meet more diverse groups of HBA students.

What advice do you have for incoming HBA students?

Take a deep breath! Ivey can be intimidating but the admissions team believed you could succeed in the program; you just need to believe in yourself. It doesn't matter what your background may be, you can succeed at Ivey.

How has Ivey’s Career Management set you up for success?

Career management helped me focus my efforts on a job that was best suited to me. They provided mentorship and guidance and gave me the tools I needed to successfully secure a summer internship.

With the intense curriculum in HBA1, what support is available for students? 

It was one of the more intimidating experiences, especially right after the opening breakfast. However, after getting to know my section during O-week, the fear turned into excitement.

myHBA is an incredible student resource that gives Ivey students unique mentors who know exactly the stress they are experiencing. The gurus are also an incredible support system and they genuinely care about HBA1s.

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Rafaella Rosenberg

Rafaella Rosenberg

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