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Our faculty has myriad backgrounds and interests – part of learning to be a successful scholar is figuring out what kind of research sustains and excites you, and who among our faculty would like to work with you as a result. If you have a detailed idea of what we do and an emerging idea about what kinds of research questions you are passionate about, you are well on your way to determining if Ivey is a good fit for you.

The program is small and emphasizes collaboration between the faculty and students. We are looking for applicants with superior credentials who demonstrate a track record of excellence.

All required documentation listed below (including references) is due January 15th.
To apply to our program, please refer to the APPLY page.

Main Requirements

(Download an admissions timeline to help you plan the application process)

We favour applicants who can clearly articulate their scholarly goals and demonstrate a clear fit between their research interests and those of the faculty in their intended area of specialization. To be considered for admission to our program, applicants must submit the following documentation in their online application:

Other Documentation