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Meet some of our graduates

At Ivey, we are serious about educating our doctoral students for success. We want to make sure that they reach their full potential upon graduating and take great pride as they are placed in some of the best universities around the world.

These are a few of our recent grads and their initial placements of employment after finishing the PhD program.

Poornima Vinoo (2022)

  • Assistant Professor of Marketing

Audra Quinn (2023)

  • Assistant Professor of of Clinical Entrepreneurship

Mayur Joshi (2021)

  • Assistant Professor

Amir Sepehri (2021)

  • Assistant Professor of Marketing

Hadi Chapardar (2019)

  • Assistant Professor 

Nam Kyoon (Nathan) Kim (2020)

  • Assistant Professor 

Vivek Astvansh (2018)

  • Associate Professor of Quantitative Marketing and Analytics

Ying-Ying Hsieh (2018)

  • Assistant Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Mansur Khamitov (2018)

  • Assistant Professor in Marketing

Maya Kumar (2017)

  • Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Mark DesJardine (2016)

  • Assistant Professor of Business Administration
HEC Montreal

Yves Plourde (2015)

  • Assistant Professor in the department of International Business

Sara Hajmohammad (2015)

  • Assistant Professor, Operations and Project Management


Min (Megan) Zhang (2015)

  • Assistant Professor, School of Business


Jodie Whelan(2014)

  • Assistant Professor of Marketing
Queens Univerisity

Michael Sartor (2014)

  • Assistant Professor of Global Strategy and International Business
Oregon State - OSE

Aimee Huff (2013)

  • Assistant Professor, Marketing
iIe Business School

Matthias Tietz (2013)

  • Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Theo Noseworthy (2012)

  • Associate Professor of Marketing
Florida State University

David Maslach (2010)

  • Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

Remi Trudel (2009)

  • Associate Professor of Marketing

Matthew Lynall (2009)

  • Associate Professor
  • Director of Experiential Learning and Management Consulting
  • Founding director of Purdue's Deliberate Innovation for Faculty (DIFF) program
HEC Montreal

Marie-Claude Trudel (2009)

  • Associate Professor in the department of Information Technologies

Taiyuan (Terry) Wang (2009)

  • Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Geoffrey Kistruck (2008)

  • Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
  • Ron Binns Chair in Entrepreneurship
Georgia Tech

Manpreet Hora (2008)

  • Associate Professor in Operations Management
Kelley School Of Business

Amrou Awaysheh (2008)

  • Assistant Professor of Operations Management
  • Director, Global Supply Chain Enterprise
Hec Montreal

Yany Gregoire (2006)

  • Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing
Bond University

Colette Southam (2006)

  • Associate Professor of Finance
  • Financial Management Director
City Uni Of Hk

Yulin Fang (2006)

  • Professor in the department of Information Systems

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