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Faculty-Student Co-Authored Refereed Publications (2015-2019)

(Last updated: October 16, 2019)

2019 and Forthcoming

  • Bagga, C. K., Bendle, N., & Cotte, J. (forthcoming). Object valuation and non-ownership possession: how renting and borrowing impact willingness-to-pay. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.
  • Busaba, W. Y., Liu, Z., & Restrepo, F. (forthcoming). Do Underwriters Price-Up IPOs to Prevent Withdrawal?. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.
  • Choi, E.; Leroy, H.; Johnson, A.; Nguen, H.; Rouse, M. J. (forthcoming). I Am Who I Am, Flaws and All: Effects of a Mindfulness Intervention on Hiding Errors and the Role of Authentic Functioning.Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.
  • DesJardine, M., & Bansal, P. (forthcoming). One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: How Negative External Evaluations Can Shorten Organizational Time Horizons. Organization Science.
  • Duclos, R., & Khamitov, M. (forthcoming). Compared to Dematerialized Money, Cash Increases Impatience in Intertemporal Choice. Journal of Consumer Psychology.
  • Eberhard, J., Frost, A., & Rerup, C. (forthcoming). The Dark Side of Routine Dynamics: Deceit and the Work of Romeo Pimps. In Routine Dynamics in Action: Replication and Transformation. Emerald Publishing Limited.
  • Jeffrey, J., & Thomson, M. (forthcoming). Integrating negative social cues in tobacco packaging: A novel approach to discouraging smokers. Journal of Consumer Affairs.
  • Jiang, G. F., Holburn, G. L., & Beamish, P. W. (forthcoming). Repeat market entries in the internationalization process: The impact of investment motives and corporate capabilities. Global Strategy Journal.
  • Khamitov, M., Wang, X. S., & Thomson, M. (forthcoming). How Well Do Consumer-Brand Relationships Drive Customer Brand Loyalty? Generalizations from a Meta-Analysis of Brand Relationship Elasticities. Journal of Consumer Research.
  • Dang, C., & Li, Z. (forthcoming). Drivers of research impact: evidence from the top three finance journals. Accounting & Finance.
  • Moeini, M., Rahrovani, Y., & Chan, Y. E. (forthcoming). A review of the practical relevance of IS strategy scholarly research. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems.
  • Nastasoiu, M. A., Bendle, N., & Vandenbosch, M. (forthcoming). Improving measurement with Big Data: Variety-seeking and survival. Applied Marketing Analytics.
  • Peng, G. Z., & Beamish, P. W. (forthcoming). Subnational FDI Legitimacy and Foreign Subsidiary Survival. Journal of International Management.
  • Sartor, M. A., & Beamish, P. W. (forthcoming). Private Sector Corruption, Public Sector Corruption and the Organizational Structure of Foreign Subsidiaries. Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Seijts, G., Byrne, A., Crossan, M. M., & Gandz, J. (forthcoming). Leader character in board governance. Journal of Management and Governance.
  • Stallkamp, M., & Schotter, (forthcoming). A. P. Platforms without borders? The international strategies of digital platform firms. Global Strategy Journal.
  • van de Geer, R., den Boer, A. V., Bayliss, C., Currie, C. S., Ellina, A., Esders, M., ... & Riseth, A. N. (forthcoming). Dynamic pricing and learning with competition: insights from the dynamic pricing challenge at the 2017 INFORMS RM & pricing conference. Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management.
  • Watkiss, L., Ahn, J. (forthcoming). Sensemaking in and around Organizations. Oxford Bibliographies.
  • DesJardine, M., Bansal, P., & Yang, Y. (forthcoming). Bouncing back: Building resilience through social and environmental practices in the context of the 2008 global financial crisis. Journal of Management.
  • Tang, J., Crossan, M., & Rowe, W. G. (2019). Dominant leaders: Heroes or villains?. Organizational Dynamics, 48 (1), 1-7.
  • Bendle, N. T., Bagga, C. K., & Nastasoiu, A. (2019). Forging a Stronger Academic-Practitioner Partnership–The Case of Net Promoter Score (NPS). Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 27(2), 210-226.
  • Whelan, J., Hingston, S. T., & Thomson, M. (2019). Does growing up rich and insecure make objects seem more human? Childhood material and social environments interact to predict anthropomorphism. Personality and Individual Differences, 86-96.
  • Zhang, M. M., & Beamish, P. W. (2019). An institutional response model to economic liberalization: Japanese MNEs’ ownership choices in ChinaAsia Pacific Journal of Management, 36 (1), 33-59. 





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