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Faculty-Student Co-Authored Refereed Publications (2015-2017)

(Last updated: September 27, 2017)

2017 and forthcoming

  • Antia, K.D., Mani, S., Wathne, K.H. (forthcoming), “Franchisor-Franchisee Bankruptcy and the Efficacy of Franchisee Governance”, Journal of Marketing Research.
  • Bansal, P., Kim, A.K., Wood, M.O. (forthcoming), “Hidden in Plain Sight: The Importance of Scale on Organizational Attention to Issues”, Academy of Management Review.
  • Branzei, O., Frooman, J., McKnight, B., Zietsma, C. (forthcoming), “What Good Does Doing Good Do? The Effect of Bond Rating Analysts' Corporate Bias on Investor Reactions to Changes in Social Responsibility”, Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Butt, M., Antia, K.D., Murtha, B., Kashyap, V. (forthcoming), “Clustering, Knowledge Sharing, and Intrabrand Competition: A Multiyear Analysis of an Evolving Franchise System”, Journal of Marketing.
  • Byrne, A., Crossan, M.M., Seijts, G.H. (forthcoming), “The Development of Leader Character through Crucible Moments”, Journal of Management Education.
  • Crossan, M.M., Byrne, A., Seijts, G.H., Reno, M., Monzani, L., Gandz, J. (forthcoming), “Toward a Framework of Leader Character in Organizations”, Journal of Management Studies.
  • Dang, C.D., Li, F., Yang, C. (forthcoming), “Measuring Firm Size in Empirical Corporate Finance”, Journal of Banking & Finance.
  • Desjardine, M., Bansal, P., Yang, Y. (forthcoming), “Bouncing back: Building resilience through social and environmental practices in the context of the 2008 global financial crisis”, Journal of Management.
  • Ghamat, S., Zaric, G.S., Pun, H. (forthcoming), “Payment contracts to promote use of optional diagnostic tests in cancer treatment”, Production and Operations Management.
  • Stallkamp, M., Pinkham, B.C., Schotter, A., Buchel, O. (forthcoming), “Core or Periphery? The Effects of Country-of-Origin Agglomerations on the Within-Country Expansion of MNEs”, Journal of International Business Studies.
  • Tang, J., Crossan, M.M. (forthcoming), “Are Dominant CEOs the Saviors of Troubled Firms?”, Long Range Planning.
  • Konrad, A.M., Seidel, M-D., Lo, E., Bhardwaj, A., Qureshi, I. (forthcoming), “Variety, Dissimilarity, and Status Centrality in MBA Networks: Is the Minority or the Majority More Likely to Network across Diversity?”, Academy of Management Learning & Education.
  • Mahjoub, R., Odegaard, F., Zaric, G.S. (forthcoming), “Evaluation of a pharmaceutical risk-sharing agreement when patients are screened for the probability of success”, Health Economics.
  • Maslach, D., Branzei, O., Rerup, C., Zbaracki, M. (forthcoming), “Noise as signal in learning from rare events”, Organization Science.
  • Sartor, M.A., Beamish, P.W. (forthcoming), “Host Market Government Corruption and the Equity-Based Foreign Entry Strategies of Multinational Enterprises”, Journal of International Business Studies.
  • Schotter, A., Stallkamp, M., Pinkham, B.C. (forthcoming), “MNE Headquarters Disaggregation: The Formation Antecedents of Regional Management Centers”, Journal of Management Studies.
  • Bansal, P., Song, H-C. (2017), “Similar but not the Same: Differentiating Corporate Responsibility from Sustainability”, Academy of Management Annals, 11 (1), 105-149.
  • Bendle, N.T., Bagga, C. (2017), “The Confusion About CLV In Case-Based Teaching Materials”, Marketing Education Review, 27 (1), 27-38.
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  • Kopalle, P., Fisher, R.J., Sud, B.L., Antia, K.D. (2017), “The Effects of Advertised Quality Emphasis and Objective Quality on Sales”, Journal of Marketing, 81 (2), 114-126.
  • Roberts, M., Beamish, P.W. (2017), “The Scaffolding Activities of International Returnee Executives: A Learning Based Perspective of Global Boundary Spanning”, Journal of Management Studies, 54 (4), 511-539.
  • Seijts, G.H., Crossan, M.M., Carleton, E. (2017), “Embedding leader character into HR practices to achieve sustained excellence”, Organizational Dynamics, 46 (1), 30-39.
  • Shin, D.J., Hasse, V.C., Schotter, A. (2017), “Multinational Enterprises within Cultural Space and Place: Integrating Cultural Distance and Cultural Tightness-Looseness”, Academy of Management Journal, 60 (3), 904-921.
  • Shin, D.J., Konrad, A.M. (2017), “Causality Between High-Performance Work Systems and Organizational Performance”, Journal of Management, 43 (4), 973-997.
  • Tsai, P., Compeau, D.R., Meister, D.B. (2017), “Voluntary use of information technology: an analysis and synthesis of the literature”, Journal of Information Technology, 32 (2), 147-162.
  • Vergne, J-P., Swain, G. (2017), “Categorical Anarchy in the U.K.? The British Media's Classification of Bitcoin and the Limits of Categorization”, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 185-222.


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