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Rosalie Luo




  • Mark Zbaracki
  • Wren Montgomery

Rosalie Luo is a third-year Ph.D. candidate in Sustainability at Ivey Business School. Her research interests lie at the intersection of organizational theory, social and environmental issues, and collective action. She mainly uses in-depth qualitative methods like ethnography to collect in situ data to compare how different organizations strategically engage in sustainability and environmental justice. Prior to this work on environmental justice, she conducted an almost year-long ethnography of one of the oldest regenerative community-supported agriculture (CSA) farms in the United States. Her other work has focused on sustainable wine producers, as well as organizational mechanisms that reproduce social inequality.


  • BS. (Honors) Program in the Environment & Earth/Environmental Sciences, University of Michigan, 2020

Research Interests

  • Organizational sociology
  • Environmental justice
  • Community-based enterprises
  • Regenerative organizations


  • Hoffman, A., Lee, S., Luo, R., Mikulski, D., and Steketee, A. Neste: Fueling the Future of Transportation. WDI Publishing.
  • Senior Honors Thesis (B.S., University of Michigan) with Dr. Sara Soderstrom: “Technologies and Strategies in Biological Circular Economies”


  • Battling Magic: Maintenance and Enchantment at Biodynamic CSA, Ivey Sustainability Academy, 2022
  • Biodynamic in California: Organizational Cognition and Learning with Complexity (with Wren Montgomery), Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Virtual, 2022
  • Technologies and Strategies in Biological Circular Economies, Food, Justice, and Society Conference, University of Michigan, 2019

Awards and Honours

  • Brock Scholarship Recipient (2020-2024)

Relevant Professional or Academic Experience

  • Co-chair of Sustainability PhD Community (July 2020-Aug 2022)
  • ONE PhD Student Team (Aug 2021-Aug 2022)
  • Host of SustainaBold, an interdisciplinary sustainability podcast (June 2020-Sep 2021)


(anticipated completion 2025)

Ivey Business School

Rosalie Luo

Rosalie Luo

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