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Rosalie Luo




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  • Wren Montgomery


Rosalie is a Sustainability PhD student at the Ivey Business School. She is enthusiastic about understanding the dynamics of social innovation, transformative collaboration, and how to leverage organizational resources to impact society in a positive manner. In understanding such change at different levels of analysis, she hopes to contribute to organizational research by demonstrating the processes that actors and structures engage with when intending to make positive social changes.


  • BS. (Honors) Program in the Environment & Earth/Environmental Sciences, University of Michigan, 2020

Research Interests

  • Social innovation
  • Systems-thinking
  • Cross-sectoral collaborations
  • Social value creation


  • Hoffman, A., Lee, S., Luo, R., Mikulski, D., and Steketee, A. “Neste: Fueling the Future of Transportation,” April 27, 2020. WDI Publishing
  • Poster Presentation: “Technologies and Strategies in Biological Circular Economies,” Food, Justice, and Society Conference, University of Michigan, October 18, 2019
  • Poster Presentation: “Technologies and Strategies in Biological Circular Economies,” Sustainable Development Conference, University of Michigan, October 11, 2019
  • Sustainability Strategies in the Circular Bioeconomy
  • Undergraduate senior honors thesis under the advisement of Dr. Sara Soderstrom using qualitative methods (interviews) with executives of firms in the food and energy sectors engaging in the circular bioeconomy to analyze how managers integrate sustainability into their strategic planning

Awards and Honours

  • Brock Scholarship Recipient (2020-2024)

Relevant Professional or Academic Experience

  • Co-chair of Sustainability PhD Community (July 2020-)
  • Host of SustainaBold, an interdisciplinary podcast and newsletter (June 2020-)


(anticipated completion 2025)

Ivey Business School

Rosalie Luo

Rosalie Luo

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