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Crowdfunding | Vancouver, BC | Founded: 2008 | Employees: 45 |


Last updated December 6, 2018 | To download a PDF version, click here

Company Overview

Katipult is a financial technology company offering cloud-based software infrastructure that allows firms to design, set up and operate an investment platform (“the Platform”)[1]. Katipult provides its customer the capability to manage crowdfunding, lending, investing, securities exchanges and blockchain solutions, compliant under multiple jurisdictions. The company has established partnerships globally to leverage technology in order to optimize investment management operations.

[1] Q2 2018 Financial Statement

Senior Management

Brock Murray: Co-Founder and CEO, Katipult (2014-Present). Previously: CEO and Co-founder, JOI Medic Inc. (2011-2015); Board Member, National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (2013-2015); Analyst, Ross Smith Energy Group (2007-2011). Education: BCom Finance (2007), University of Calgary; CFA Institute (2009).

Pheak Meas: Co-Founder and CPO, Katipult (2014-Present). Previously: CPO and Creative Director, JOI Media Inc. (2008-Present); Lead Designer, ICOM Productions (2003-2008); Education: AMTC – Applied Multimedia Training Centres.

Doug McLean: CTO, Katipult (2014-Present). Previously: CTO, JOI Media Inc. (2012-Present); Project Manager, Siteline Solutions (2011-2017); Technical Administrator, CIVL Radio (2003-2011); VP R&D, Stylelabs (2010-2011). Education: B.Sc and M.Sc Applied Mathematics, University of Calgary.


In 2008, Pheak Meas along with his friends, Brock Murray, Paul Oslund and Hafiz Mitha, launched JOI Media Inc, a company providing custom applications that streamline critical business tasks. The development of Katipult was initiated in 2010 when the online fundraising market increased 23%, reaching nearly $20+ billion in a single year.[2] From 2013 to 2015, Brock Murray, the CEO of JOI Media at the time, served as a board member for the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada where he was exposed to the rapidly evolving crowdfunding Industry. Katipult was officially launched in early 2014 as an online fundraising platform capable of disclosing fund progress updates and milestone completion to its investors. Over the years, Katipult focused on designing white-labeled platforms to serve the private equity and real estate industry. The company went public on TSX Venture in November 2017 under the name of Katipult Technology Inc.[3]



Katipult raised CAD $1.6 million in their IPO on TSX in November 2017. Additionally, Katipult received $520,000 cash inflow for the exercise of warrant issued in its April private placement.[4] In May 2018, Katipult secured a non-brokered private placement of convertible debentures that has aggregate gross proceeds up to $3,050,000.[5][6]


Key Corporate Developments

Press Releases:
Sep 17, 2018: Katipult Adds Two Blockchain Companies to Its Growing Client List
April 11, 2017: Fineqia Partners with JOI Media's Katipult for Technology Platform


Business Highlights


Katipult operates on a “software as a service” business model that is well suited for cloud-based software solutions. Katipult works with its customers to design a white-labeled, investor facing website; and profits from a one-time set up as well as the ongoing subscription fee. Partners (customers) benefit from software updates, new features, and technical support. The company currently offers the following modules in their product:

Specialized functionality – Includes features dedicated for a specialized functionality such as crowdfunding, investment management, securities exchange etc. Katipult provides companies that has funding needs with fast onboarding and efficient management.

Industry Specific – an all-inclusive platform designed for a specific industry. By combine multiple applications, Katipult can provide a comprehensive solution that allows companies to automate or optimize their management services.


  1. Investment Crowdfunding – The program provides partners(customers) the ability to market deals and raise capital from high net worth and retail investors by leveraging general solicitation and crowdfunding exemption rules[7]. Katipult allows for comprehensive user onboarding process to collect investor information, and complete regulatory/credit checks.
  2. Investment Management – A dashboard platform to provide easy portfolio/ investor management. The program also includes features such as risk analysis and earnings reporting to establish transparent communication with its investors.
  3. Secondary Market – A digital cloud-based marketplace to allow partners to offer tradable securities within the investors network. The market is capable of issuer buy backs, bulletin boards and auction-based price discovery. Partners are able to offer smart contracts, automate clearing and settlement at a faster rate to its investors
  4. Industry Specific – Custom designed platform to include all features needed for standard operations of a specific industry. Current offering includes Real-estate, Private Equity, and Block chain (still under development).




Katipult re-innovates traditional management applications by leveraging integration of platforms that transform the methodologies of investing. Katipult helps its partners to establish a network of investors by leveraging cloud-base storage, and included analysis such as credit rating, portfolio risk assessment, realized/unrealized gain and return on user dashboards.


Katipult serves customers globally, with operation offices in Vancouver, Calgary, and Prague. Katipult establishes partnership with companies that either seeks funding, manages funding, or looking to establish P2P lending. Currently, as of Q2 2018, Katipult has established 85+ partnerships in six continents.[8]



Katipult markets through varies platforms including news articles, online websites and international conferences.



Many software companies provide similar white label solutions to establish crowdfunding platforms for their clients. While Katipult was the first company based in Canada, there following companies also provides similar services[9]:

  1. CrowdEngine (Salt Lake City, UT) – CrowdEngine is a compliance automation solutions company that enables entrepreneurs to launch their own funding website with a crowdfunding rules engine that can be configured as clients see fit.
  2. CrowdFund Connect (Chicago, Illinois)[10] – CrowdFund Connect designs, builds and manages white label crowdfunding platforms, portals and custom branded crowdfunding sites.


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