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Canada FinTech 150

Ivey Business School's Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab has profiled Canada's leading FinTech companies. The goal is to promote Canada's FinTech ecosystem, connecting entrepreneurs & founders with potential partners, investors, employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

View the infographic to get insights on Canada's top 150 FinTech companies (as of December 31, 2018). 

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Company Logo Company Name Industry Location Number of Employees
Agreement Express logoAgreement ExpressCapital Markets & TradingVancouver, BC109
Aion logoAionBlockchain & CryptoToronto, ON83
Amber logoAmber FinancialLending & CreditVancouver, BC18
Analyze Re logoAnalyze ReInsuranceHalifax, NS50
Ascendant FX logoAscendantFXPayments & Money TransferToronto, ON40
Beanworks logoBeanworksPayments & Money TransferVancouver, BC54
Bench logoBenchInfrastructure & ServicesVancouver, BC258
BioConnect logoBioConnectSecurity & IdentityToronto, ON65
Bitaccess logoBitaccessBlockchain & CryptoOttawa, ON19
Blockstream logoBlockstreamBlockchain & CryptoVictoria, BC60
Borrowell logoBorrowellLending & CreditToronto, ON60
BTL logoBTLBlockchain & CryptoVancouver, BC11
Canada Drives logoCanada DrivesLending & CreditVancouver, BC300
Canalyst logoCanalystWealth ManagementVancouver, BC66
Carta Worldwide logoCarta WorldwidePayments & Money TransferOakville, ON106
Change Jar logoChangeJarPayments & Money TransferOttawa, ON11
Chimp logoCHIMPCrowdfundingVancouver, BC57
Coinkite logoCoinkiteBlockchain & CryptoToronto, ON2
coinsquare logoCoinsquareBlockchain & CryptoToronto, ON138
CoPower logoCoPowerCrowdfundingWestmount, QC19
Corl logoCORLCrowdfundingMontreal, QC15
Covera logoCoveraInsuranceMontreal, QC10
Crowdmatrix logoCrowdMatrixCrowdfundingToronto, ON3
Curexe logoCurexePayments & Money TransferToronto, ON10
Decentral logoDecentralBlockchain & CryptoToronto, ON37
Delego logoDelegoPayments & Money TransferLondon, ON35
Dessa logoDessaInfrastructure & ServicesToronto, ON43
Dojo logoDojoBanking & Personal FinanceVancouver, BC5
Dream Payments logoDream PaymentsPayments & Money TransferToronto, ON30
Drop logoDropPayments & Money TransferToronto, ON93
Dwello logoDwelloPayments & Money TransferToronto, ON10
Easyfinancial Goeasy LogoEasyfinancialLending & CreditMississauga, ON2200
Elastic Path logoElastic PathPayments & Money TransferVancouver, BC173
Element AI logoElement AIInfrastructure & ServicesMontreal, QC331
EnStream logoEnStreamSecurity & IdentityToronto, ON18
EQ Bank logoEQ BankBanking & Personal FinanceToronto, ON600
Equibit logoEquibit GroupBlockchain & CryptoToronto, ON14
esentire logoeSentireSecurity & IdentityCambridge, ON420
Espresso logoEspresso CapitalLending & CreditToronto, ON32
Ethoca logoEthocaPayments & Money TransferToronto, ON219
Evolocity logoEvolocity Financial GroupLending & CreditMontreal, QC45
Evree logoEvreeBanking & Personal FinanceToronto, ON12
Finaeo logoFinaeoInsuranceToronto, ON22
Fincad logoFINCADCapital Markets & TradingSurrey, BC161
Finn AI logoFinn AIInfrastructure & ServicesVancouver, BC58
Flexiti Financial logoFlexiti FinancialLending & CreditToronto, ON65
Flinks logoFlinksInfrastructure & ServicesMontreal, QC37
Flybits logoFlybitsInfrastructure & ServicesToronto, ON50
FrontFundr logoFrontFundrCrowdfundingVancouver, BC18
FundEver logoFundeverLending & CreditVancouver, BC18
Funding Portal logoFundingportalInfrastructure & ServicesToronto, ON4
FundRazr logoFundRazrCrowdfundingVancouver, BC8
FundThrough logoFundThroughLending & CreditToronto, ON27
Fusebill logoFusebillPayments & Money TransferOttawa, ON11
Goldmoney logoGoldmoneyCapital Markets & TradingToronto, ON82
Goowi logoGoowiCrowdfundingMontreal, QC3
Grow logoGrow.Banking & Personal FinanceVancouver, BC44
Hive logoHIVEBlockchain & CryptoVancouver, BC12
Hockeystick logoHockeystick Inc.Capital Markets & TradingToronto, ON20
Honk logoHonk MobilePayments & Money TransferToronto, ON11
Inovestor logoInovestorCapital Markets & TradingMontreal, QC40
Integrate AI logoIntegrate.aiInfrastructure & ServicesToronto, ON40
Invisor logoInvisorWealth ManagementOakville, ON16
IOU Financial logoIOU FinancialLending & CreditMontreal, QC39
Just Wealth logoJustwealthWealth ManagementToronto, ON8
Katipult logoKatipultCrowdfundingVancouver, BC45
Koho logoKOHOBanking & Personal FinanceToronto, ON56
Kooltra logoKooltraCapital Markets & TradingGreat Lakes, ON19
League logoLeagueInsuranceToronto, ON200
Lendesk logoLendeskLending & CreditVancouver, BC45
Lendful logoLendfulLending & CreditVancouver, BC10
Lendified logoLendifiedLending & CreditToronto, ON29
Lending Loop logoLending LoopLending & CreditToronto, ON31
Lightspeed logoLightspeedPayments & Money TransferMontreal, QC605
Market IQ logoMarket IQCapital Markets & TradingToronto, ON30
Merchant Advance logoMerchant Advance CapitalLending & CreditVancouver, BC46
Mindbridge logoMindbridge AiInfrastructure & ServicesOttawa, ON64
MLG Blockchain logoMLG BlockchainBlockchain & CryptoToronto, ON65
Modern Advisor logoModernAdvisorWealth ManagementVancouver, BC66
Mogo logoMogoBanking & Personal FinanceVancouver, BC277
Mylo logoMyloWealth ManagementMontreal, QC20
Nanopay logonanopayPayments & Money TransferToronto, ON42
Nest Wealth logoNest WealthWealth ManagementToronto, ON36
NexusCrowd logoNexusCrowdCrowdfundingToronto, ON4
NorthOne logoNorthOneBanking & Personal FinanceToronto, ON12
nuvei logoNuveiPayments & Money TransferMontreal, QC966
nymi logoNymiSecurity & IdentityToronto, ON60
Overbond logoOverbondCapital Markets & TradingToronto, ON20
Pay Bright logoPayBrightLending & CreditToronto, ON37
Paycase logoPaycaseBlockchain & CryptoToronto, ON17
Payfirma logoPayfirmaPayments & Money TransferVancouver, BC22
Payment Rails logoPayment RailsPayments & Money TransferMontreal, QC11
Payment Source logoPayment SourcePayments & Money TransferToronto, ON46
Payment Evolution logoPaymentEvolutionPayments & Money TransferMississauga, ON22
Peer Funder logoPeerfunderCrowdfundingToronto, ON6
Pegasus logoPegasusBlockchain & CryptoToronto, ON10
planswell logoPlanswellWealth ManagementToronto, ON62
Plooto logoPlootoPayments & Money TransferToronto, ON60
Polymath logoPolymathBlockchain & CryptoToronto, ON54
Progressa logoProgressaLending & CreditVancouver, BC118
Q4 logoQ4Capital Markets & TradingToronto, ON193
Quandl logoQuandlCapital Markets & TradingToronto, ON51
Questrade logoQuestradeWealth ManagementToronto, ON427
Ratehub logoRatehub.caBanking & Personal FinanceToronto, ON48
Real Starter logoRealStarterCrowdfundingQuebec City, QC3
Rentmoola logoRentMoolaPayments & Money TransferVancouver, BC25
Rubikloud logoRubikloudPayments & Money TransferToronto, ON91
Saltedge logoSalt EdgeInfrastructure & ServicesToronto, ON65
Sebright logoSebright CapitalCapital Markets & TradingToronto, ON1
Securefact logoSecurefactSecurity & IdentityToronto, ON42
SecureKey logoSecureKeySecurity & IdentityToronto, ON100
Security Compass logoSecurity CompassSecurity & IdentityToronto, ON150
Sensibill logoSensibillBanking & Personal FinanceToronto, ON66
Senso logoSenso.aiInfrastructure & ServicesToronto, ON8
SheEO logoSheEOLending & CreditToronto, ON322
Singlekey Logo ResizedSingleKeySecurity & IdentityToronto, ON10
Smart Money logoSmart Money InvestWealth ManagementToronto, ON8
Smileio logosmile.ioPayments & Money TransferKitchener, ON65
Smooth Commerce logoSmooth CommercePayments & Money TransferToronto, ON36
Snap Financial Group logoSnap Financial GroupLending & CreditVancouver, BC92
Sonnet logoSonnetInsuranceToronto, ON159
Soundpays logoSoundpaysPayments & Money TransferToronto, ON10
Street Contxt logoStreet ContxtCapital Markets & TradingToronto, ON44
Tacit Innovations logoTacit InnovationsPayments & Money TransferToronto, ON15
Thrinacia logoThrinaciaCrowdfundingVancouver, BC9
TickSmith logoTickSmithCapital Markets & TradingMontreal, QC33
Tier 1 CRM logoTier1CRMInfrastructure & ServicesToronto, ON107
Timia Capital logoTIMIA CapitalLending & CreditVancouver, BC8
Token Funder logoTokenFunderBlockchain & CryptoToronto, ON12
TouchBistro logoTouchBistroPayments & Money TransferToronto, ON250
Trulioo logoTruliooSecurity & IdentityVancouver, BC62
UGO logoUGO WalletBanking & Personal FinanceToronto, ON25
Venbridge logoVenbridgeLending & CreditToronto, ON9
Versabank logoVersaBankBanking & Personal FinanceLondon, ON167
VersaPay logoVersaPayPayments & Money TransferToronto, ON85
Wagepoint logoWagepointPayments & Money TransferToronto, ON31
Wave logoWave FinancialInfrastructure & ServicesToronto, ON128
WealthBar logoWealthBarWealth ManagementVancouver, BC27
Wealthsimple logoWealthsimpleWealth ManagementToronto, ON175
Weifund logoWeiFundCrowdfundingToronto, ON6
Zafin logoZafinInfrastructure & ServicesToronto, ON417
Zayzoon logoZayzoonPayments & Money TransferCalgary, AB10
Zensurance logoZensuranceInsuranceToronto, ON18

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