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CrowdFunding | Vancouver, BC | Founded: 2013 | Employees: 9 |

PHONE: (855) 561-3607 | LINKEDIN PROFILE

Last updated December 20, 2018 | To download a PDF version, click here

Company Overview

Thrinacia is crowdfunding infrastructure provider. The company offers a series of products that can be white-labelled across many platforms (i.e. websites, mobile apps, etc.) to offer a seamless crowdfunding experience. Thrinacia supports both the front end and back end of the infrastructure, and manages the technical requirements of running successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Senior Management

Alex Pavlovic: CEO and Founder, Thrinacia (2013-Present); CEO, DevRadius (2011-Present). Previously: Technical Operations Lead, Canada Wide Media (2010-2011); Software Consultant, Guide Productions (2006-2009); Software Developer and Consultant, Reinvent Inc. (2004-2006); Software Developer, The Internet Marketing Centre (1999-2002). Education: Camosun College (1997-1999).

Kyle Tummonds: Business Developer, Thrinacia (2016-Present). Previously: Web Developer, DevRadius (2016); Web Developer, BCITSA (2016). Education: British Columbia Institute of Technology (2014-2016).


In 2013, the founding team at Thrinacia was approached by another company to develop a crowdfunding solution for them. From there, Thrinacia was born. The company first launched its signature Atlas product. They later expanded to support other systems (i.e. WordPress websites and mobile apps). In 2018, Thrinacia introduced its consulting practice. The company is steadily growing its team and is now focusing much of its efforts on marketing their suite of products.[1]

[1] Employee Interview (via telephone), October 5th, 2018


Thrinacia received a grant on January 16, 2015, of an undisclosed amount.[2] No other public funding information is available.


Key Corporate Developments

Press releases:
December 8, 2013: Thrinacia launches software beta
July 24, 2015: Thrinacia partners with Shinto Tsushin to expand service into Japan
October 3, 2018: Thrinacia introduces marketing, development and consulting services


Business Highlights


  • Target Market: With a suite of products that caters to crowdfunding parties of all sizes, Thrinacia’s products are relevant for both small-medium businesses and large enterprises. However, the company specifically focusses its marketing to niche businesses, schools, and nonprofits.
  • Value Proposition: The company’s value proposition is its versatility across all platforms. It is one of the only B2B solutions that allows for seamless white-label integration across custom websites, WordPress platforms, and mobile apps.


Thrinacia has four main products:

  1. Atlas – Thrinacia’s signature crowdfunding platform, Atlas allows clients to run their own white labelled crowdfunding websites. The platform is fully customizable and secure, allowing clients to create campaigns on their own branded portal. Atlas is offered at five different tiers, with prices ranging from $39.99/month to $1000/month. Subscriptions to Atlas offer complementary access to other Thrinacia add-ons, including Meridian (a customizable mobile crowdfunding app) and Orion (a crowdfunding content management system). Each tier comes with a varying level of customer support.
  2. Atlas-On-Premises (Enterprise Solutions) – Thrinacia offers licensing of its Atlas technology to larger clients who prefer to host the infrastructure on their own servers. Quotes are available upon request; annual subscriptions start at $50,000/year.
  3. ReachThrinacia offers HTML coded widgets that can be customers can embed into their own websites to create their own crowdfunding widgets, free of charge.
  4. Consulting – Thrinacia offers custom consulting solutions to help clients with marketing, content creation, and project development. They provide UI/UX advisory services, graphic design and website creation expertise. Clients can pay hourly or purchase one of four prepaid packages ranging from $250-$2800.


On the front end of its interface, Thrinacia uses Semantic UI and Angular JS. For the back-end of its service, the company uses RESTful APIs.[3]



Thrinacia’s solutions are reliant on a small, committed team of developers who also serve as the 24/7 support staff for clients. They have a toll-free hotline that is easily accessible for clients if they need assistance, or if prospective customers need to to speak with a sales agent.[4]

[4] Employee Interview (via telephone), October 5th, 2018.


Thrinacia is focused on online marketing. They leverage SEO and social media to raise brand awareness. The company also releases multiple blog posts per week. It is quickly developing its presence on YouTube with webinars and client interviews. [5]

[5] Employee Interview (via telephone), October 5th, 2018.



Thrinacia has two direct competitors:

  • CrowdfundHQ is a white-label solution that allows customers to create their own custom crowdfunding websites. The company supports payments and back-end infrastructure. It focuses on helping customers brand their own website platforms, as opposed to embedding technology onto existing websites.
  • IgnitionDeck is another white-label crowdfunding solution that can be easily embedded onto WordPress websites.


Corporate Profile Created By: Akash Pasricha, Ivey HBA
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