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Infrastructure & Services | Toronto, ON | Founded: 2017 | Employees: 40 |


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Company Overview is an AI-powered enterprise software start-up that was founded in 2017. The firm is building and artificial intelligence platform that leverages big data from various sources in order to provide clients with valuable behavioral insights into their consumers.

Senior Management

Steve Irvine: Founder and CEO (2017-Present). Previously: Global Head, Instagram Partner Program, Instagram (2015-2017); Global Head, Marketing Partner Program, Facebook (2013-2017); Founder & CEO, 80/20 Solutions Inc. (2004-2010); Senior Strategic Business Advisor, International Management Group (2006); Co-Founder & CEO, Motion Media Interactive Ltd. (2001-2004). Education: BA, Psychology & Mass Communications (Double Major).

Jason Silver: COO (2017-Present). Previously: Territory Manager, Airbnb (2015-2017); Advisor & Strategic Consultant, Perimeter Medical Imaging (2013-2016); Co-Founder, Partnershop Inc. (2013-2015); Co-Founder, Modojenda (2012-2013); Senior Associate, Tornado Spectral Systems (2011-2013); Engineering Project Leader, Siemens Canada (1997-1999). Education: B.Eng., Electrical & Computer Engineering; M.Eng., Electrical & Computer Engineering (2003-2007), Biomedical Engineering, Carleton University (2007-2009).

Kathryn Hume: VP, Product & Strategy (2017-Present). Previously: Venture Partner, ff Venture Capital (2017-Present); Director Sales & Marketing, Fast Forward Labs (2015-2017); Principal Consultant, Security GRC2 (2014-2015); Senior Marketing Specialist (2012-2014). Education: BA, Comparative Literature & Mathematics, University of Chicago (2002-2006); PhD, Comparative Literature, Stanford University (2007-2012).

Tyler Schnoebelen: Principal Product Manager (2017-Present). Previously: Principal Product Manager, MZ (2016-2017); Principal, AI & Data Science, Decoded AI Consulting (2016); Founder & Chief Analyst, Idibon (2012-2016); User Experience Consultant, Ensighten (2012). Education: BA, English, Yale University (1995-1999); PhD, Linguistics, Stanford University (2005-2012).

Colin Toal: VP Engineering (2017-Present). Previously: Development Director, IBM Watson & Cloud Platform, IBM Canada (2016-2017); Software Development Manager, CS Technology, Amazon (2012-2015); Development Manager, Oracle Canada (2005-2012); Solution Architect, Camilion Solutions (2004-2005). Education: BA, Computing and Communications, Wilfrid Laurier University (1994-1998).


During his time as the Global Head of Partnerships at Facebook and Instagram, Steve Irvine noticed that traditional businesses in mature industries were struggling to generate sustainable growth. He believed that they lacked the capabilities to interact meaningfully with their customers. Irvine wanted to transform traditionally frustrating customer experience into more agile, intuitive interactions that ‘enrich people’s lives’ and create more valuable businesses.[1]


Funding has raised over $40 million over three rounds of funding. On February 6, 2017, the firm raised $5 million in their Seed Round with the backing of Georgian Partners. In September 2017, raised another $5.6 million in Venture Round funding from five investors – the lead being Real Ventures. Most recently, the firm raised $30 million in a Series A Round. The lead investors were Portag3 Ventures.[2]


Key Corporate Developments

Press releases:
Sep 6, 2017: announces Advisory Board and strategic investment round
Feb 26, 2018: partners with Kanetix Ltd
Aug 22, 2018: Kathryn Hume on the HBR IdeaCast

Business Highlights

Strategy’s total addressable market is businesses in mature industries that are in need of capabilities to execute on digital strategies focused on customer centricity.’s platform does not require any new digital infrastructure and can be easily integrated into a firm’s existing systems. The platform utilizes algorithms to analyze first party data and cross-industry data to provide a richer overview of consumer behavior, driving better decision-making.


Funnel Optimization:’s platform employs advanced machine learning methods to spot patterns within the client firm’s data, as well as data from other industries. The notion is that there is a fence-sitting segment that can easily be converted if identified and incentivized correctly. Once identified,’s AI will test (against a baseline) which engagement opportunities will be most efficient, shifting firms to AI-powered decision making.[3]



The firm’s Trusted Signals Exchange allows clients to draw from a shared data pool without compromising the privacy of the consumer.[4] This is done by keeping the data sets separate, and instead sending ‘signals’ for patterns of consumer behavior.[5]


Distribution/Logistics is located in Toronto and as their customer base continues to grow, so too will the shared data pool that they rely on for the trusted signals exchange, augmenting the quality of their services.[6]

[6] Ibid.


Though their customers are not many, currently serves the likes of Kanetix Ltd.,[7] Scotiabank, Telus, and Corus, exposing them to a wide network of potential clients in similarly maturing, consumer-facing industries.[8]




With the recent interest and popularity of AI and machine learning capabilities, a number of firms have specialized in enhancing customer experience:

  1. Inmoment – (Salt Lake City, Utah) Inmoment is a cloud-based AI platform focused on customer experience insights and solutions.
  2. Netomi – (San Francisco, CA) Netomi utilized deep learning to create personalized engagements with a firm’s customers, generating valuable insights.

Corporate Profile Created By: Tayssir Ben Ali, Ivey HBA 2019
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