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Lending & Credit | Vancouver, BC | Founded: 2016 | Employees: 18 |


Last updated December 29, 2018 | To download a PDF version, click here

Company Overview

Fundever is a digital platform that connects licensed mortgage brokers with lenders across Canada.[1] It enables brokers to have access to a massive database of lenders while also allowing lenders to browse through deals with detailed information on the same platform with customized filters that helps find the best fit for lenders.


Senior Management

Charles Lambert: CEO (2018-Present). Previously: Advisory Board Member, Artcraft Label Inc. (2015-present); Principal, CCL Advisory Group (2017-2018); President, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Wealth One Bank of Canada (2014-2017); Scotiabank (2001-2013). Education: B.A., Psychology (1985), McGill University; MBA, Finance (1987), Concordia University.

John Lorenz: VP Business Development (2016-Present). Previously: VP Business Development, Everest Development Group Inc (2012-present). Executive Director, Cannabis Patients Association of Canada (2016-present); Sales, Parkwood Master Builder (2011-2012); Finance Manager, Rogers Sleep Shop (2003-2007); National Sales Manager, Solucorp Industries (1994-1999); Vice President, RBC Dominion Securities (1963-1994). Education: MBS, Finance, University of Hong Kong.

Gigi Cheng: Head of Corporate Development (2016-Present). Previously: Vice President, Everest Group (2016-present); Chief Investment Officer, Koi Family Office (2016-present); Vice President of Corporate Development, Serene Country Homes Group (2016-2017); Private Equity & Debt Specialist, TriView Capital Ltd. Education: Bachelor, Political Science, International Relations, University of Calgary; Private Equity & Venture Capital, Harvard Business School.


Fundever was officially launched in November 2016. Before that, even in its pre-launch phase, there were said to be over $250 million in submitted loans and were in the process of funding their first deal[1] on Fundever.


No related information has been found. It is very likely that it finances itself through family, friends and founders.

Key Corporate Developments

Oct 26, 2016: Interview of Gigi Cheng with Ilovemortgagebroking  
Feb 27, 2017: Tom Chung from Fundever has made the Canadian Mortgage Professional Hot List 2017
Sep 22, 2017: Recruiting new CEO (New CEO already in place in 2018)


Business Highlights


It established a platform model with brokers on the subsidy side and commercial lenders on the money side. The value propositions for Fundever are streamlining mortgage process with transparency, better exposure for both sides to a larger marketplace worldwide and more customized searches. While it allows brokers to have access to larger volume of lenders, lenders can also browse on the platform for funds with basic mortgage information.

This would add fiduciary value and differentiation to brokers using Fundever since their client’s profiles are getting larger exposure then before. It also leverages customization to help lenders find the best fit to their portfolio with adaption of various criteria during the search. Lenders can also receive automatic alerts on the latest loan applications that fits in their criteria.[2]

Some argue that Fundever has the potential to break the current rigid and inflexible network between two sides where brokers are restrained by their ability to meet more lenders and one’s fiduciary ability is differentiated solely on the network one has. It may increase competition and can potentially lower the brokerage cost for borrowers.[3]



When brokers establish an account, they can put up mortgage profiles of their clients with only basic information like size or favored interest rate on the system and wait for requests.

Similarly, after registration, lenders can begin general or customized search on funds until they find a suitable deal and send request for more information directly to corresponding brokers. Fundever emphasizes that it does not participate in the process of underwriting but merely aims to bring two sides together.[1]

Any licensed broker can use Fundever free of charge. Although the price is not clearly stated in its website, Fundever does receive a small amount of fees from lenders upon each successful deal.[3]


Technology is leveraged to bring application process online as well as streamline those communication and interactions. Also, to protect personal information stored in its database, the company leverage encryption software (although without directing to a specific one).


Currently, Fundever limits their services only to lenders and licensed brokers in Canada mortgage industry.


It is very likely that it does not spend heavily on advertising but rather expands on word-of-mouth as well as interviews with mortgage websites, e.g. Mortgagebrokernews. There is overall very limited access to both internal-generated news articles and external interviews or talks that released to the public. There was a retail company with the same name and it caused a bit confusion when I see some articles on that company.



There are plenty of companies striving to connect two sides and streamline mortgage process, for example:

  1. The Financing Hub – (Oakville, ON) The Financing Hub matches CRE borrowers with the best lenders for their needs in commercial real estate financing. It also helps with the underwriting process.
  2. Calyx Point – (Dallas, S.) Calyx Point provides reliable software that streamlines and optimizes all phases of the loan process for mortgage professionals. Its solution provides connection between parties and allows them to exchange data easily.[4]


Corporate Profile Created By: Yiting Wang, Ivey HBA
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