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Lending & Credit | Toronto, ON | Founded: 2017 | Employees: 9 |

PHONE: (647) 494-9577 | LINKEDIN PROFILE

Last updated July 25, 2109 | To download a PDF version, click here.


Company Overview

Venbridge is a Canadian finance company offering non-dilutive venture debt, SR&ED financing, and tax credit consulting services. Venbridge’s services allow businesses to maximize their government tax incentives, better manage cash flow, and invest more in the areas they need.


Senior Management

Garron Helman: CEO, 2017 - present. MBA, University of British Columbia 1994.

Heather Nicol: CFO & CRO, 2018 - present. MBA, University of Western Ontario.  



Venbridge was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing Canadian startups access with funds to help them grow. Previously, the market lacked an automated, fast, and responsive service provider who understood the needs of technology companies. At Venbridge we are technology leaders first, not bankers and understand how to bring value to SME’s.  As a team, we have provided millions of dollars in SR&ED loans and tax credit financing. 


Funding minimun of $100,000, and a maximum of $2,000,000.

Funding sourced via a Limited Partnership comprised of corporations and high net worth individuals.


Key Corporate Developments

September 2017: Venbridge Launches
February 2019: Venbridge Launches  New Informational SR&ED Financing Website


Business Highlights


Venbridge offers non-dilutive venture debt, SR&ED financing, and tax credit consulting services. What makes Venbridge stand out:

Easy process – Applicants simply answer a few questions to determine eligibility, and Venbridge is able to conditionally approve financing within two business days.

Payment Flexibility - The timing of the payments, duration of the facility, as well as many other terms are flexible.

No Consultation Fees – Venbridge’s consultants take the work off your shoulders to determine how to maximize government tax credits and we don’t charge any fees for it.


  • SR&ED Financing
  • Tax Credit Financing (Interactive Digital Media Tax Credits, etc)
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue Financing
  • Bridge Financing
  • Grant Financing


Venbridge has an automated, client facing, platform for the qualification, underwriting and monitoring of tax credit and SaaS financing. There are three unique components which are integrated: qualification, underwriting, loan monitoring. Proprietary algorithms are used to assess the health of each client at each stage. All stages are connected via a feedback loop which continually refines the criteria, weighting and strength for assessment for each stage.


Venbridge has two offices located at 45 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto and 1500 West Georgia St, Vancouver. From these offices, Venbridge is able to service startups throughout Canada.


Venbridge uses a full stack of marketing channels from digital marketing & search engine marketing, to traditional direct marketing and CRM strategies, to event marketing, utilization of strategic partnerships.



R&D Capital - (Montreal, QC) a Canadian financial institution that finances federal and provincial refundable tax credits.

OKR Financial - (Calgary, AB) A venture lender that provides bridge financing to technology companies across Canada.



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