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Payments & Money Transfer | Calgary, AB | Founded: 2014 | Employees: 10 |


Last updated February 7, 2019 | To download a PDF version, click here.

Company Overview

ZayZoon is a company based in Calgary, AB that allows employees to access their paycheck funds prior to the employers pre-set pay day, giving them more financial flexibility. Employees can select how much of their funds they want deposited into their bank account as an advance online or through the mobile app. ZayZoon charges a flat, nominal fee for an employee to access their earned wages before payday.

Senior Management

Darcy Tuer: Co-Founder, CEO (Jan 2015-present). Previously: Partner, MacLeod Builders (Jan 2014-present); Co-Founder and President, Spira Data Corp (Feb 2004 – Jul 2014); Managing Director, Halo Networks (2001-2004); Pipeline Integrity Analyst (Jun 1999 – Dec 2000). Education: University of Calgary Business/Commerce (1994-1996); University of Alberta Engineering (1998-2000).

Tate HackertCo-Founder, President (Jan 2015-present). Previously: Underwriting Analyst, Momentum (May 2016 – Oct 2016); Owner, Hackert Holdings (Jan 2008- Aug 2014); Sales and Development, (Sept 2013- Dec 2013); Deckhand Evergreen Shipping Agency (Apr 2008 – Aug 2009). Education: University of Victoria B.A. Economics; City University of Hong Kong, Bachelor’s Degree Economics.

Jamie Ha: Co-Founder, CFO (Jan 2017-present). Previously: Managing Director, Corporate Finance, FirstEnergy Capital (July 2001-Apr 2015). Education: Haskayne School of Business Bachelor of Commerce (1996-2001).


History [1]

ZayZoon was founded after Tate realized how inefficient and egregious the short-term capital space was. Tate, one of ZayZoon’s co-founders posted on Kijiji and Craigslist, offering people access to credit. He lent out more than $250,000 and through additional research, quickly realized the industry has many issues including high interest rates, poor collection practices, and debt creating tendencies. In order to provide a viable short-term capital solution,  ZayZoon was created to give people access to their already earned wages.


Funding [2]

ZayZoon Is currently at its Series A round of financing. They did win $20,000 for winning the FinTech Cup competition in 2016.


Key Corporate Developments

Press releases:
June 20, 2016: Zayzoon bids to upend payday lending market
December 6, 2016: Startup of the Week - A conversation with Zayzoon founder Tate Hackert


Business Highlights


ZayZoon’s strategy is to offer employers ZayZoon’s services to integrate within their existing payroll service provider. They primarily sell to employers on the basis that giving employees advances increases their productivity and reduces their turnover. ZayZoon has also formed partnership with other payroll providers and HR management companies.


ZayZoon offers one core service: the ability for an employee to access their earned wages before payday for a flat, nominal fee.


ZayZoon’s primary technology are the mobile app which is their independent product and their integration capabilities with existing payroll providers, through an API.


ZayZoon serves customers in the USA and Canada. Their distribution is through partnering with independent employers and by partnering with payroll providers and HR management companies.


Currently, ZayZoon’s marketing consists of local press runs and press coverage of partnership announcements.



  1. Even – Even enables people to access their paycheck funds before paydays and create personal budgets right on their app
  2. Earnin – Earnin also helps people access their paycheck funds, but unlike other competitors who charge a fee or interest to get access to the money, Earnin uses a “Pay it forward” model giving users the choice to tip.

Corporate Profile Created By: Gajanen Kukaneshan, Ivey HBA

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