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Security & Identity | Toronto, ON | Founded: 2010 | Employees:  65 |

Last updated December 29, 2018 | To download a PDF version, click here

Company Overview

BioConnect empowers its clients by implementing biometric credentials in identification and security management. The uniqueness of each person’s physiological data, such as facial structure, eye retinas, and fingerprint establishes the fundamental concept of an biometric security system. BioConnect’s core asset relies on the development of BioConnect Identify Platform – A platform that integrates robust, scalable and flexible products to deliver a secured, insured and convenient operation environment. BioConnect currently serves over 1600 customers including more than 60 industrial partners such as BMO Financials and Visa.

Senior Management

Rob Douglas: Founder, Chairman and CEO, BioConnect (2010-Present). Previously: Executive Chairman, EnterTech System (2009 – Present); President and CEO, Bioscrypt Inc (2003-2009); President, Psion Teklogix (2003-2005). Education: BCom (Before 1996), University of McMaster, Executive Leadership, Queen’s University (1997-1998).

Courtney Gibson: CTO and CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), BioConnect (2018-Present). Previously: Adjunct Lecturer, University of Toronto. (2000-Present); CISO, OANDA (2017-2018); Chair and Board of Directors, NAUI Service Group (2015-2018); Education: BASc, MASc in Computer Engineering, University of Toronto (1994 – 2000).

Edsel Shreve: CRO (Chief Revenue Officer), BioConnect (2014-Present). Previously: VP and RBC Global Account Director, SAP Canada Inc. (2009 - 2014); CRM Regional Manager, Oracle (2006 - 2009); Regional Manager, Siebel System (2004 - 2006); Education: HBA, Ivey Business School at Western University (1984-1988).


In 2007, Rob Douglas was inspired during the Global Security Trade Show and realized that the “rightful” identity should not be limited to just cards, PINs, and passwords, as they may encounter the risk to insecurity. Instead, Rob believed every individual’s biometric characteriser would better serve as a secured identification. That is why he founded Entertech.   He wanted to leverage biometric identifiers for use in access control to buildings. Entertech established partnership with leading player in biometrics and security industry, Suprema, to promote fingerprints and face recognition solutions. Entertech was later transformed to BioConnect as there was demand for an integration of existing access controls with biometric device access points. The firm was able to leverage Suprema’s value in biometrics and security to build a technological platform that provide cost-effective, convenient, and secure solutions. In 2017, BioConnect was selected as one of the Top 20 Most Innovative Canadian technology companies that had been inducted into the annual CIX Top 20 Program.[1]


Funding [2]

BioConnect chose to partner with Mentor Work Ltd to help develop, qualify and apply for government funding[3]. The specific amount of funding was not disclosed.


Key Corporate Developments

Press releases:
March 17, 2016: Entertech Rebrands as BioConnect
Jan 24, 2017: Genetec and BioConnect Combine Biometrics and Security Platforms
Oct 17, 2018: BioConnect Launches Mobile Biometric Authentication Platform for Curating Trust in the Enterprise


Business Highlights


BioConnects’ business strategy is based on delivering “Rightful Identity” as opposed to “Suspect Identity”. They leverage biometric technologies to collect unique physiology identifiers from individuals and to provide a secured authentication with a high level of accuracy and efficiency. Bioconnects developed a standardize integration strategy of deploying and implementing biometric software platform within an existing infrastructure. This allows seamless synchronization of all data; and with each new install, expansion or upgrade, their clients can scale and maintain visibility across the company.[4] Bio Connect provides both hardware and software solutions that offers clients more flexibility to adopt biometric technology.



  1. BioConnect Enterprise / CyberShield[5] – An integration software that comes pre-built to integrate access control systems including biometrics devices. BioConnect Enterprise is tailored where authentication of personnel is crucial for secure access. The software allows for secure and scalable features and functions that can integrate with 25+ ACS to provide a seamless onboarding experience and easy synchronization of data
  2. BioStar[6] – A comprehensive access control software that is designated for intelligent IP-based biometric devices to allow software developers to build new application and functions. The software features a TCP/IP-based system that supports Smartcards and mobile access to remotely access the server and monitor.
  3. Access Control Devices[7]– Hardware devices that BioConnect provides these devices to companies who currently do not own one or want to upgrade their existing access control system. Most products include fingerprints identification or face recognition, with the exception of Cabinet Shields that address compliance and customer security by requiring both fingerprints and cards to secure severs. BioConnect also provides accessories that centralize biometric access control for future scalability. All of the hardware is able to integrate with BioConnect software solutions
  4. ID[8] – It is an application that enables biometric identity verification for daily transactions. This application consists of a set of APIs and a Mobile Authenticator to collect data and store on an online AdminConsole for better management



BioConnect partners with biometric hardware companies such as Suprema and Digitus Biometrics, which focus on inventing devices that collect data on people’s physiological features. BioConnect focuses on developing the standardized integration software and access control software that analyzes and manages the biometric information collected.


BioConnect serves customers globally by establishing partnerships. Products are available through top security product distributors as well as over 25 access system control partners across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


BioConnect markets through platforms including international trade shows, conferences, and by established successful partnerships.



BioConnect has a strong presence in Canada with its unique business strategy. Other competitors in U.S includes:

  1. Identropy - (Austin, Texas) Identropy provides identity management integration, advisory, and managed services by leveraging cloud computing platforms to ensure security at a lower cost.
  2. CoreBlox - (New York City, New York) CoreBlox is a subsidiary of WinMill Software that provides Identity & Access Management consulting services with home-developed products and expertise knowledge.

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