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Last updated February 15, 2021 | To download a PDF version, click here


Company Overview

SingleKey helps residential landlords take the stress and worry out of renting. Landlords are worried about finding the right tenant and managing their risks – namely, tenants who may default on rent or damage their property. We provide peace of mind by offering a Tenant Credit & Background Check to help landlords choose the right tenant and a Rent Guarantee program to secure their rental income.

SingleKey works with Equifax Canada and CERTN as the data providers for the tenant screening reports, and the Rent Guarantee Program, is re-insured by Lloyds of London. 

Senior Management

Viler Lika: Founder, CEO (2019 – Present). Five years of prior experience in Credit Risk at Capital One and leading a data science team at TD Bank in consumer credit. Experienced entrepreneur having successfully founded and exited a company in residential property services. Education: MBA (2015), Ivey Business School; Computer engineering, University of Toronto.

Business Highlights

  • Within 12 months from launching their first Product SingleKey grew to $40,000 Monthly Revenue and sold 10,000 Credit Reports and from those reports was able to upgrade a significant number of customers to its Rent Guarantee Program
  • Fundraising to date has been modest (under $1MM) as a companization of Founder money, investors and from winning government grants.


The customer acquisition relies on 3 primary channels:

  1. Google Ads to acquire users who are looking to screen a new prospective tenant (tenant report channel)
  2. Facebook Ads to acquire Rent Guarantee Customers
  3. Partnerships and Referrals from local Landlord and Realtor Organizations  


  • Tenant Credit & Background check report. A fully-automated system that allows landlords to quickly gather all the information that they need to make a good decision on which tenant to lease their unit to. Includes a full Equiax Report, Background Check and Social Media Scan. 
  • Rent Guarantee program that protects landlords from delinquent tenants. Coverage includes: 
    • Lost rent up to 12 months or $60,000
    • Property Damage up to $10,000
    • All legal fees related to eviction
    • PAD Rent Collection Included  


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