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JP Vergne delivers keynote to CEOs at Ontario Global 100 event

  • May 10, 2018
JP Vergne delivers keynote to CEOs at Ontario Global 100 event

On May 4th Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab Co-director JP Vergne was invited by Ontario Global 100 to give a keynote speech to CEOs of Ontario-based companies on the topic “The $450 billion question: Why do cryptocurrencies have value.”  After a few words by Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson, JP was introduced by Ontario Global 100 chairman Tom Jenkins. Following the keynote, there was a fireside chat between the founder and CEO of Kik, Ted Livingston, and tech journalist Terry Pender, with their discussion focusing on the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The evening left those present with two key take-aways. First, blockchain technology enables startups to compete against large established incumbents such as Google or Facebook using a different business model. Second, Canada has a lot of tech talent but needs to step up its game as a country to be able to retain and grow that talent.

Above: Tech journalist Terry Pender (left) and Ted Livingston, founder and CEO of Kik, participate in a fireside chat.

Ontario Global 100 (OG100) is a members-only network of like-minded CEOs dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and solutions to help Ontario firms expand their international sales. It was developed through a partnership between the BDC and the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing.


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