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R3 Global University Pitch Competition

  • Jan 17, 2019
R3 Global University Pitch Competition

In 2018, Ivey published a case on R3 LLC, the enterprise blockchain software firm, titled “R3 Corda: A Distributed Financial Ledger Technology for Financial Services” (available here).

Now R3 is sponsoring a university pitch competition to identify enterprise blockchain applications. There is a $15,000 prize with the possibility of presenting at R3 in New York, London (UK) or Singapore. Visit the main website for the competition for more details. 

This pitch contest is open to any students currently enrolled at a university and has three parts:

  1. A 2-page application - Due March 14
  2. A PowerPoint pitch for selected teams - Due April 24
  3. A final 10-minute pitch for the selected teams - April 26. Pitches will be held in NY/London/Singapore.

As part of this competition, R3 will be providing educational resources on blockchain and Corda, meeting with students, and hosting public webinars about app development.

To learn more about the competition, download the introductory slide deck here.
The official rules of the competition with details on the timeline are available here

A note to Ivey students: 
Given that you have studied the R3 case, Ivey students are best positioned to advance in this competition, and possibly win!