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Innovating Learning Lab: Design Thinking and Systems Thinking

April 30, 2020

ILL Event


The third session of the Ivey Innovation Learning Lab will be facilitated by Terry Irwin, Director of the Transition Design Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. It will build on past sessions through a focus on design thinking and systems thinking.


More About the Ivey Innovation Learning Lab

The Innovation Learning Lab is a new approach to learning that builds unique insights from leading academic thinking and peer-to-peer dialogue with fellow leaders. 

The Lab consortium of business, government and academic leaders knows that the way in which people live and work is being profoundly disrupted. The knowledge and tools of the past will not necessarily help navigate the future, nor solve the urgent and complex challenges facing society and business.

The 17 consortium members are sector leaders in innovation. They recognize the value of working with other business and academic leaders to continuously improve their innovation process. Find out more in the video below.


For more information, visit the Innovation Learning Lab website or e-mail Matthew Lynch at


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