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Centre for Building Sustainable Value

For Students

Ivey's teaching approach employs the case study method, a cross-enterprise focus, and the Think-Act-Lead orientation to equip students with the skills and resources needed to become decision makers and managers in the global economy. These core principles and activities also prepare MBA students to manage the social and environmental issues that are increasingly important to today's business.

Social and environmental issues are central to many of the cases studied at Ivey. Addressing such issues through the case study method allows a holistic approach to decision making that accommodates all aspects of the triple bottom line, rather than focusing strictly on the fiscal bottom line.

Our focus on cross-enterprise leadership helps to ensure that the professors who facilitate the case discussions are open to social and environmental issues. Cross-enterprise leadership encourages students to think about business issues as part of a relationship to government, society, and the environment. To facilitate this, several cases in the program are taught with multiple faculty members in the classroom to ensure that students recognize the breadth of issues pertinent to business decisions. In addition, through service learning, simulations, and interactions with real world problems, students learn to incorporate social and environmental issues management in all of their decisions.