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HBA award-winner is inspired to make the changes the world requires

Dec 15, 2022

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Earlier this month, Orlando Scarlett, an HBA/Economics ’23 candidate, was awarded the Hazelview HBA Award, a new scholarship for undergraduate students pursuing sustainability within their field of study. Learn more about what this scholarship means to him.

Since moving from Jamaica to Canada at the beginning of high school, Orlando Scarlett has made it his purpose to be a changemaker. After being excited about the idea of environmental systems in his grade 10 biology class, Scarlett began having conversations with teachers about the role of business in minimizing climate change. These teachers introduced him to the book, Doughnut Economics, by Kate Raworth.

Ideas from this book and an interest in public policy and developing economies inspired Scarlett to pursue an economics degree at Western University. Partway through the program, he wanted more. Scarlett wanted a deeper focus on sustainability than he was learning about in his conventional economics courses. So, he decided to apply to Ivey.

HBA Sustainability Certificate fuels passion

After being accepted, Scarlett enrolled in the Sustainability Certificate and has taken courses, such as Social Enterprises (BUS 4553 ), that have fueled his passion. Through internships at BlackRock and RBC, Scarlett has expanded his knowledge and skill in sustainable finance, working with teams closely involved in large sustainable investments.

Calling the award “an honour,” Scarlett said it has inspired him to continue his efforts to address the climate crisis.

“It has given me the motivation to continue on the path I am on and to continue to make more of a difference in the future,” he said.

Although he has always taken academics seriously, Scarlett said this year has been especially challenging as he is working to complete a dual-degree program while crafting an undergraduate thesis on the impacts of a company being certified as a B Corp. The award has given Scarlett the extra push to get through this stressful time.

Encouraging young leaders to join the global fight

Having grown up in a country that will be directly affected by climate fluctuations sooner rather than later, Scarlett said climate change isn’t something that can be pushed down the road for the next generation to deal with. He encourages students to apply for similar scholarships that might help them continue pursuing their passions and to not give up on the global fight that his generation faces.

“If you do need additional help, definitely apply for scholarships and put yourself out there rather than accepting your current situation,” he said. “With everything going on in the world (wars, pandemics, climate change), it can make the weight this generation bears very daunting and difficult to handle, but we also need to acknowledge the progress young people have made and the great work this generation is doing.”

For more details on the award, click here.