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Sanket Mehta: Living his purpose - An MBA graduate’s journey to sustainability

Mar 15, 2023


Sanket Mehta, MBA ‘18 alumni, is driven to increase data and reputability in sustainability reporting. He is currently Manager of Consulting Services at Sphera. 

Deep-rooted inspiration for change

Raised in Mumbai, India and surrounded by social and environmental issues, including rampant child labour, drought-induced farmer suicides, water pollution, and air pollution, Sanket Mehta’s inspiration to be involved in the ESG space comes from his upbringing. Though he was living the reality of the world’s dire situation, at a young age he wasn’t able to identify and define the causes. Upon learning more during his engineering degree, Sanket realized there were possible solutions to the issues he had grown up around. He wanted to be a player in implementing them. In fact, Sanket says he made it his purpose.

After completing an engineering degree and a Master’s in sustainability, Sanket chose to pursue Ivey’s MBA, realizing that much of sustainability speaks the language of finance rather than engineering. He knew the field struggled to source strong data and wanted to help.

Time spent at Ivey helped Sanket “find an additional layer to (his) purpose”. He recounts great learnings from professors Tima Bansal, Oana Branzei, and Diane-Laure Arjaliès, who helped craft the way he thinks today.

Toward measurable sustainability impact

Sphera, where Sanket has chosen to make his impact, is working to “build a more sustainable world” through data, consulting, and software. The organization operates globally, with almost every industry and geography. One way Sphera works to build this more sustainable world is by making reporting easier – they have developed software that transfers raw data straight from the factory to reporting software.

At Sphera, Sanket manages North American consulting services. When asked about the most exciting project he’s worked on to date, Sanket recounts working on a software to determine carbon footprint at the product level for retailers. This involved looking at the entire value chain and breaking carbon down into every single process to determine which step of the process contributes most to the overall emissions (hot spot analysis). The process informs companies where to focus their resources. Sanket says “the kicker” of the software is that you can vary the inputs and outputs to see how your overall emissions change if certain aspects of the supply chain are altered.

Industry advice

Sanket sees a clear need for more standardization in the sustainability industry. He believes sustainability reporting must be given the same importance and scrutiny as financial reporting.

Sanket offers three pieces of advice to students:

Take opportunities while at Ivey – you won’t have the same opportunity to “pick the brains” of some of the most distinguished professors in the world once you begin your career.

Value your network – particularly because the sustainability space does not have as many formal resources in place, these connections are of great importance.

Hustle* – build your personal brand, your story, and connect, connect, connect.

*Sanket includes an asterisk beside his third point, and regarding hustling toward your end goal, notes, “But don't lose yourself doing that. Take the time to focus on yourself. Go for a walk, meditate, work-out. This will help you immensely with what you are setting out to do.”


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