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Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab

R3 and Ivey

  • May 2, 2019
R3 and Ivey

Blockchain and other digital ledger technologies (DLTs) are some of the most intriguing new technologies transforming a range of industries from financial services, to health care, to the energy sector. To ensure that Ivey students understand this new technology, Ivey has been partnering with R3, the global enterprise blockchain firm headquartered in New York. R3 led the consortium that developed Corda, a permissioned DLT built for businesses that is append-only and cryptographically secure. As one of the leading blockchain solutions for business, Corda is being deployed across a variety of use cases and industries.

To date, Ivey and R3 have collaborated on several initiatives:

  1. As part of the Ivey Field Project, students from the MSc CEMS program teamed up with R3 executives to provide strategy consulting on a new use-case for Corda. The team developed an innovative solution for the fragmented air cargo business, which is described in this Medium article
  2. In 2018, Professor Michael King worked with R3 to write the case entitled R3 Corda: A Distributed Ledger Technology for Financial Services. The case focuses on R3's Corda Platform, how it was developed, and how R3 should monetize this enterprise blockchain platform to finance R3's future growth. Instructors at leading business schools globally can use the case to teach students about fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, while determining a monetization strategy. 
  3. On April 26, R3 hosted the final round of its 2019 Global University Pitch Competition. Two Ivey teams submitted pitches for the competition. Of the 80 submissions received, Ivey’s submissions missed the final cut which saw the top three teams receive monetary prizes and free office space in an R3 office (NY, London, or Singapore) for the summer of 2019.

To learn more about blockchain, DLT and other new technologies disrupting industries, visit the Research and Education pages of the Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab’s website at Ivey.