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Tuition & Expenses

It's important to consider all of the costs associated with pursuing a masters program. In addition to tuition, it's important to consider cost of living in the city you choose, as well as other academic expenses you may incur throughout the year.

Below is an estimate of costs for the Ivey MSc program - all funds are in Canadian dollars. The Tuition amounts listed below represent the cost for the entire 16-month program.


Tuition September 2021 & January 2021 Intakes*
MSc - Domestic Students $38,250.00
MSc IB with CEMS MIM - Domestic Students $43,200.00
MSc - International Students $68,250.00
MSc IB with CEMS MIM - International Students $73,500.00

*Tuition has not yet been confirmed for the 2021/2022 academic year and is expected to be updated in November 2020. Tuition amounts listed above are subject to change based on University Senate approval. All tuition listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Academic Expenses

Expense Cost
Western Ancillary Fees (Bus Pass, Gym Membership) $500
MSc Association Student Fee $400
International Students - UHIP (Health Insurance) $700
Casebooks and Supplies** $2,000 (Approximate)
Block Seminar, RGL (CEMS students only) $200-$400

 **Subject to change

Monthly Living Expense Estimates*

Expense Cost
Rent (up to $900 for single apartment) $700
Utilities/ Internet  $100
Food $400
Entertainment $150
Clothing $125
Cell Phone $100
Miscellaneous $100
Laundry $50
Monthly total: $1,725.00 CAD

*Monthly estimates based on single student sharing a house or apartment

Ivey Analytics Lab Expenses

Please refer to monthly living expense estimates above. 

Ivey Digital Innovation Lab Expenses

Yes to be determined. 

Ivey Global Lab Expenses

Expected Costs

Flights, VISA processing fees, extra meals, leisure spending.

$2,500 - $3,000 CAD (Approximate)
Included Costs Accommodation, Breakfast Daily, Transportation to and from client site.  Paid by Ivey
Optional Costs Pre or post-trip personal travel  up to $3,500 CAD