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The Ivey MSc Program strives to provide you with a unique and differentiated experience that we believe will best prepare you to be a new breed of manager.

These five interlinked elements give you the intrinsic skills that will set you up for a successful career ahead.

Build On Your Experience

The MSc experience is an academically advanced program designed to build on your existing educational experience.

Rather than focusing on the core concepts that most business students learn in either an undergraduate or MBA program, the MSc program is designed to accelerate your learning by applying the core competencies of business theory to business cases on existing and emerging business practices around the world.

Ivey Essentials

This course focuses on business essentials:  Accounting, Finance, Leadership, Marketing, Operations and Strategy. Students will be introduced to Ivey’s high engagement case-based learning methodology. The course is designed to aid students in understanding materials for their courses throughout the program. No prior Business knowledge is required.

Some of the key learning outcomes include:

  • Accounting: recording and using of financial business transactions to inform and support decision-making.
  • Finance: analyzing of financial problems corporations face including managing exchange risk, calculating the cost of capital, capital budgeting and taxation.
  • Leadership/Organizational Behavior: managing and participating effectively in teams by understanding the factors that lead to effective and ineffective team behavior.
  • Marketing: identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities.
  • Operations: identifying and understanding how effectively managing operations contributes to customer value.
  • Strategy: key concepts and tools in the context of competitive strategy; differences between corporate, competitive, and functional strategies.​

Non-Business Majors

In the past, MSc students have had a wide range of business education from a full degree focused purely on management or business, to a double major with another unrelated field, to an non-business related degree but a strong interest in management.

Regardless of your undergraduate degree, you still have the opportunity to apply for the MSc Program.

Who You Learn With

Immerse yourself with your bright and multicultural classmates to prepare yourself for an international business career.

Meet Our Students

The Ivey MSc in Management class has welcomed some of the most diverse classes across the school. Over the past several years, it has welcomed students from all six continents and opens its doors to dozens of exchange students every semester. As you walk down the halls of the MSc, you would find students conversing in a variety of different languages outside of classes.

Having a diverse international class is just another one of the ways you are prepared to launch into a diverse work environment. Whether it be working internationally or domestically, our world is getting a lot smaller and successful business leaders should be able to adapt and thrive in a mosaic of various cultures.

Our Diverse Class

Our class this year is made up of:

  • 22 languages.
  • 17 birth countries.
  • 14 countries of citizenship.

Once you add in the several dozen exchange students into the classroom, you get a truly international class of future business leaders.

How You Learn

Leaders don't sit back. In the classroom at Ivey, you'll lean forward and contribute every day in the case-method.

Before you start asking to see a course outline, let's make one thing perfectly clear. How you learn is more important. Because no matter how engaging a faculty member may be, you can't be lectured into becoming a great decision maker.

From day one in the program, the pace is fast and unyielding, and the adrenaline rush is undeniable. Each class is a journey through a complex, multi-disciplined business challenge. You are immediately confronted with the reality that, in business, things rarely fit into tidy functional boxes. You'll have too much information, or at times not enough, but through the program you'll become comfortable making decisions when faced with uncertainty.

How Case-Method Works

Class preparation starts with each student tackling an individual assessment of the case and crafting a plan of action. From there, you test your ideas with your learning team and new ideas and strategies will emerge. You'll gain greater confidence in your decision, preparing you for class itself. The Ivey classroom is the final step, opening up the debate to diverse perspectives and the surprising conclusion that there is not 'one right answer'.

That's why Ivey is committed to Case-Method Learning. It's not just teaching, it's a powerful decision-making approach that becomes ingrained into how you operate. The transformation happens throughout your time at Ivey, as you dive into hundreds of cases. You'll build amazing problem solving skills and develop the ability to recognize and seize business opportunities, making you a rare double-threat.

Language Requirements

CEMS students are required to be fluent in a minimum of two foreign languages. English is mandatory as the first foreign language for students who do not have English as their mother tongue. Students must successfully complete both written and oral tests in business communication in foreign languages to obtain the CEMS designation.

What You Learn

Anyone can learn a theory. Learn how and when to apply ideas in the real world.

Anybody can learn a theory. All schools teach core business knowledge but that's where the similarity ends. At Ivey, we believe knowledge is necessary, but not sufficient for career success. Pushing you to learn how and when to apply ideas is the difference that will push you to become a global leader.

Strong leaders are confident leaders. This confidence only comes with practice, practice and more practice. The Ivey classroom is where you will test your ability to apply what you've learned and have your perspective challenged by your learning team, classmates, and faculty. Through cases, simulations, exchange terms, skills seminars, and international practicums you're exposed to several years of real-life business knowledge.

Leadership Essentials

At Ivey, you learn by doing. Each day, as you apply your learning, you accelerate your leadership capabilities. We call these capabilities Ivey Leadership Essentials. They are at the core of everything we do at Ivey and are what truly differentiate our Ivey MScs.

Career Management

The Ivey MSc curriculum and our renowned Career Management services will build your skills and give you opportunities to start a strong career.

The decision to pursue a masters program should be carefully considered, as masters programs will allow you to develop a focused area of study that should align with your future career goals. Our primary objective at Ivey has to prepare you beyond just your first job after the program, but to equip you with the right skills to create and navigate opportunities successfully throughout your career.

Ivey has one of the largest and most qualified Career Management (CM) departments in North America. The Career Management team’s mandate is to provide you with the tools and resources needed to navigate your career path well into the future. Although it is up to you to land the post-MSc job, the integrated curriculum and expertise that you will receive from Ivey’s CM team are unmatched. Our consistently strong graduate employment rates and the success of our alumni, with 2 in 5 holding positions of Director-level or higher in his or her organization, are a true testament to the talent and resources of our Career Management team.

From the Beginning

Your interactions with the Career Management team start before you are even accepted into the Ivey MSc program. Career Management plays a critical role in our admissions process, interviewing candidates to ensure that their career goals and expectations are defined, realistic and achievable. Your admissions interview is the starting point of your relationship with our Career Advisors, which will last throughout your time at Ivey.

Integrated Career Management

As a critical component of core curriculum, Tactical Career Management courses are built directly into the first term of the program. Tactical Career Management begins in your first week in the program. Our CM team will work with you on everything from understanding market expectations and preparing a compelling resumé and cover letter, to networking tips and interview coaching.

We don't hand out jobs. We provide access to exceptional coaching and knowledge you can use to launch and accelerate your career path. These days, the "typical" career of a young professional spans three radically different industries with eight distinct functions - your career success will depend on your ability to manage this change.

An Ivey MSc opens doors to an unlimited range of challenging leadership opportunities. Ivey Career Management coaching gives you the insight and career savvy you need to fully capitalize on them.

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